Privacy Protection Techniques Using Differences in Human and Device Sensitivity-Protecting Photographed Subjects against Invasion of Privacy Caused by Unintentional Capture in Camera Images-

The National Institute of Informatics (NII, Director General, Masao Sakauchi) associate professor, Isao Echizen is the first in the world to develop new technology for protecting photographed subjects from the invasion of privacy caused by photographs taken in secret and unintentional capture in camera images jointly with Prof. Seiichi Gohshi of Kogakuin University. Due of the popularization of portable terminals with built-in cameras and developments in SNS and image search technologies, information such as when and where photographed subjects were is easily disclosed via photos taken and disclosed without their permission, which has resulted in a greater need to protect the privacy of these subjects. This new technological development can disable facial recognition of photographed subjects only when photos are taken. It achieves this by the photographed person wearing a privacy visor that incorporates a near-infrared light source that affects only the camera and not people's vision. Besides being able to protect photographed subjects from the invasion of privacy resulting from the facial recognition functionality of SNSs, which has become a problem in recent years, this new technology is expected to enjoy extensive application in preventing the invasion of privacy of photographed subjects due to widespread use of augmented reality applications.