Fiscal 2022

Prof. SATOH Ken was selected as a finalist of the 2022 Alain Colmerauer Prize
A paper by Co-Researcher YOSHINO Hidemichi and Associate Prof. KODAMA Kazuya was awarded as the Best Paper Award for APSIPA ASC 2022
Academic Employment Opportunities at the NII, Information and Society Research Division, Echizen, Ikehata, Yamagishi Laboratory, Project Researcher (Specified fixed-term employment, Postdoctoral Fellow)
PR magazine "NII Today No.93(EN)" was published
A paper by Assistant Prof. KOBAYASHI Taisuke was awarded as SICE International Young Authors Award for IROS 2022(SIYA-IROS2022)
Overview of National Institute of Informatics 2022 was published
Academic Employment Opportunities at the NII, Digital Content and Media Sciences Research Division, Yamagishi Lab, Project Researcher 1 (Specified fixed-term employment, Postdoctoral Fellow)
2nd call of 2022 "NII International Internship Program" Guideline for Candidates
PR magazine "NII Today No.92(EN)" was published
A New Method for Mathematically Proving the Safety of Automated Driving Vehicles:
-- Accelerating Social Acceptance of Automated Driving by Efficiently Deriving Logical Safety Rules --
Report of the NII IAB Meeting 2022 was released
Academic Employment Opportunities at the National Institute of Informatics, Research Organization of Information and Systems
Enriching Article Search and Scholarly Information Discovery with CiNii Research:
Integration of "CiNii Articles" into "CiNii Research"
1st call of 2022 "NII International Internship Program"
SINET6 commenced operation (April 1, 2022)