Fiscal 2017

SIGVerse to be used as simulator at World Robot Summit sponsored by METI/NEDO/Tool developed by the research group of NII's Associate Professor Inamura
NII Signs 100th International Exchange Agreement/MOUs with Universities and Research Institutes in 29 Countries and Regions
NII launches new Research Center for Medical Big Data/Objectives include designing cloud platforms to collect medical imaging data and developing AI techniques for image analysis
MMCFTP file-transfer protocol Achieves Transmission Speeds of 231 Gbps/A New World Record for Long-Distance Data Transmission
A paper by Ngoc-Dung T. Tieu(SOKENDAI, Echizen Lab), Huy H. Nguyen(SOKENDAI, Echizen Lab), Researcher by Special Appointment Hoang-Quoc Nguyen-Son, Assoc. Prof. Junichi Yamagishi and Prof. Isao Echizen was awarded as Best Paper Award of WIFS2017
A paper by Prof. Isao Echizen and others was awarded as Best Paper Award of IFIP I3E2017
Quantum Neural Network on Cloud
NII SHONAN MEETING Reaches 100th Milestone/Intensive Discussions by World's Top Researchers
A paper by Researcher by Special Appointment Phan Le Sang, Assoc. Prof. Yusuke Miyao and Prof. Shin'ichi Satoh was awarded as Honorable Mention Award of the 2nd MSR Video to Language Challenge at ACM MM 2017
A paper by Asst. Prof. by Special Appointment Jia Liu, Assoc. Prof. by Special Appointment Ruo Ando and Prof. Hiroki Takakura was awarded as the Best Paper Award of NaNA2017
A paper by Prof. Ichiro Satoh was awarded as the Best Paper Award of IDC'2017
A paper by Assoc. Prof. Cheung Gene and others was awarded as Best Student Paper Award (First Prize) at IEEE International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP)
Yao Hu (Koibuchi Lab) was selected as Best Oral Presentation at ICCBDC 2017.
Toward big-data clustering on a personal computer: New algorithm achieves high processing speeds with small memory
2nd call of 2017 "NII International Internship Program"
A paper by Prof. Chiaki Sakama(NII Visiting Professor), Prof. Katsumi Inoue(Principles of Informatics Research Division), Prof. Taisuke Sato(NII Visiting Professor) was awarded as Best Paper Award at KSEM 2017
KAKEN grant database launches ORCID support/Researchers can connect their national researcher identifiers to international identifiers
A paper by Jingtao Sun(Aida lab) and his team was awarded as Best Paper Award at ADMCS2017 Workshop(in CBDCom2017)
Trung-Nghia Le (SOKENDAI, Sugimoto Lab.), Professor Akihiro Sugimoto and their team won the 3rd prize in DAVIS Challenge on Video Object Segmentation 2017
A paper by Associate Professor Kenro Aihara, Assistant Professor by Special Appointment Piao Bin, Professor Atsuhiro Takasu and their team was awarded as Distributed, Ambient and Pervasive Interactions Best Paper Award
A paper by Chunlin Zhong (former NII Internship student (Yi Yu Lab), University of Science and Technology of China), Assistant Professor Yi Yu, Professor Shin'ichi Satoh and their team was awarded as APWeb-WAIM 2017 Best Paper Runner Up
A paper by Daichi Kitamura, Assoc. Prof. Nobutaka Ono and their team was selected as Computing Reviews' Notable Books and Articles 2016.
A public relations magazine "NII today No. 62" was published
A paper by Professor Shin'ichi Satoh and his team was awarded as Best Paper Award at ICMR2017
NII and NIMS Sign a Memorandum of Understanding on Coordination and Cooperation/Promoting Open Science through Collaborative Data Platform Research and Development
A poster by Truong Thao Nguyen (SOKENDAI, Koibuchi Lab) and Associate Professor Michihiro Koibuchi was awarded as Best Poster Award at ICCGrid 2017
1st call of 2017 "NII International Internship Program" Guideline for Candidates