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NII Shonan Meeting


In February 2011, the NII launched the NII Shonan Meetings, the first Dagstuhl-style seminar* held in Asia. The purpose of the NII Shonan Meetings is to resolve various challenges in the field of informatics by assembling the very best researchers from around the world to engage in intensive discussions on issues in the field of informatics in an atmosphere that promotes close interaction. Kanagawa Prefecture provides the use of its facilities for these meetings.
The meeting's venue, the Shonan Village Center, provides an environment in which participants can focus on research activities in a setting that provides both spectacular natural beauty and easy access from Narita Airport.

*Dagstuhl Seminar: A key seminar series in the field of informatics, held roughly every week, in Dagstuhl, Germany. The series is based on a structure whereby participants live in close quarters for one week for intensive discussions on various topics under a specified theme for each seminar.

Support System

The Office of NII Shonan Meetings and Shonan Village Center staff handle various activities on behalf of seminar management, including issuing invitations, providing information on lodging and accommodations, and preparing venues on meeting days.
The program also includes various activities intended to deepen interaction between participants, including hikes in nearby natural areas and historical walking tours of Kamakura.



Calls for Proposal

The NII offers a continuous open call for seminar proposals. Please note two yearly deadlines (June 15 and December 15) for submitting these proposals. Individuals submitting proposals will be notified whether their proposals have been adopted following a review by the Academic Committee.

NII Shonan Meeting http://www.nii.ac.jp/shonan/