Research Centers

The Research Center undertakes strategic research utilizing NII's characteristics, namely its applicability to many different spheres of study in informatics.

Services and Operations

Research and Development Center for Academic Networks

Set up a network and electronic authentication infrastructure for use in CSI, benefiting from cutting-edge R&D in network development technology.

Research Center for Knowledge Media and Content Science

Promote cutting-edge research on the analysis and use of knowledge content in academic fields.

GRACE Center: Center for Global Research in Advanced Software Science and Engineering

Develop TOPSE and TOPRE by integrating research, practical application, and education in advanced software engineering.

Research Center for Community Knowledge

Develop next-generation information and communications technology and information sharing platform system by creating "NetCommons" and "ReaD&Researchmap".

Center for Cloud Research and Development

Promote research and development of advanced cloud infrastructure technologies to establish the cutting-edge Cyber Science Infrastructure (CSI) taking advantage of clouds.

Center for Dataset Sharing and Collaborative Research

Promote research of informatics through resource sharing and collaborative research in the research community. The center collects various datasets and provide them to the researchers, and in parallel conduct research and development on dataset building and their utilization platform, then develop those results to collaborative research activities.

Center for Strategic Cyber Resilience Research and Development

Develop human resources, improve operation efficiency, and guarantee the secure research environment of the cyber space in the universities.

Research Center for Open Science and Research Data Platform

Major Research Projects

Global Research Center for Quantum Information Science

Promote activities such as cutting-edge research and personnel development to establish NII as a world-class international hub for quantum information.

Global Research Center for Cyber-Physical Systems

Promote activities such as cutting-edge research and cooperation to establish NII as a world-class international hub for Cyber-Physical Systems.

Global Research Center for Big Data Mathematics

Promote activities such as cutting-edge research and personnel development to establish NII as a world-class international hub for Big Data Mathematics with a central focus on developing high-speed algorithm.

Global Research Center for Systems Design and Mathematics
Research Center for Medical Bigdata
Global Research Center for Synthetic Media

Conduct research and development across various modalities such as face,voice, body, and natural language to generate synthetic media, detect synthetic media (fake media) generated for improper purposes, ensure media reliability, and support decision-making.

Industry-Academia Collaboration

Center for Robust Intelligence and Social Technology:CRIS

CRIS is an NII division for joint researches established jointly by NII and LINE Corporation. By promoting basic researches on "Robust Intelligence", CRIS aims to realize innovations on science technologies, which lead to progresses for solving various social problems. By doing so, we plan to create seeds for innovating technologies based on "novel" science knowledge.

Research Center for Safe, Secure and Healthy Society (RCSSH)