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Through the creation, acquisition, and management of intellectual property, NII encourages contributions to society by means of industry-government-academia collaborations.

Number of Invention Reports, Patent Applications, and Registrations (total number since FY2004)

(as of the end of March 2022)

No. of Reports 293 Ownership: Organization 278
Ownership: Individual 15
No. of Applications 334 Japan 278
Outside Japan 56
No. of Registrations 144 Japan 111
Outside Japan 33

List of Japanese Patents Owned

(as of the end of March 2022)

Title of invention NII inventor Sole application Registration No.
Apparatus, method, and program for retrieving and displaying image information KAJIYAMA Tomoko 4441685
Quantum key delivering method and communication apparatus WATANABE Yodai 4231926
Time-series data analysis device and time-series data analysis program ICHISE Ryutaro 4734559
Information-sharing system, information-sharing server, information-sharing method, and information-sharing program HONIDEN Shinichi 4799001
Sequential content delivery device, sequential content receiving device,and method thereof SONEHARA Noboru 4734563
Contents presentation apparatus, contents presenting method,and contents presentation program SONEHARA Noboru 4403276
Text content presentation apparatus, text content presentation method, and text content presentation program SONEHARA Noboru 4143628
Method and apparatus for evaluating communication traf c that uses fragmentaryself-similarity process JI Yusheng 4081552
Imaging device and imaging method using out-of-focus structure KODAMA Kazuya 4437228
Information resource retrieval device, information resource retrieval method, and information resource retrieval program KANDO Noriko 4324650
Active content distribution system, active content distribution program, and active content distribution method HONIDEN Shinichi 4392503
Device and method for generating traf c congestion prediction information, and route search system HONIDEN Shinichi 4729411
Content selling device and method SONEHARA Noboru 4304278
Document indexing device, document retrieval device, document classifying device, and method and program thereof SONEHARA Noboru 4362492
Video provision device and method AIHARA Kenro 4359685
Projection image correction system and correction information generation program SATO Imari 4982844
Digital content registration distribution apparatus, system, and method SONEHARA Noboru 4956742
Airing structure of three-dimensional integrated electrical circuit and layout method thereof KOIBUCHI Michihiro 5024530
Quantum key distribution method, communication system, and communication device WATANABE Yodai 4862159
Time reference point information transmitting system and receiver HASHIZUME Hiromichi 4621924
Collection/delivery route selection system SATOH Ichiro 4374457
Device and method for learning data management, and vehicle air-conditioning device, and equipment control device INAMURA Tetsunari 5224280
Air conditioner for vehicle and its control method INAMURA Tetsunari 5177667
Route switching method, server apparatus, boundary node apparatus, rout switching system,and switching program URUSHIDANI Shigeo 5062845
Direct path establishing method, server device, sender network node device, direct path establishment network, and program thereof URUSHIDANI Shigeo 4999112
Path management control method, path management control program,path management controller, and path management control system URUSHIDANI Shigeo 4806466
Emission allowance trading system and emission allowance trading method SATOH Ichiro 5207195
Quantum computing device and method for Ising model YAMAMOTO Yoshihisa 5354233
Measuring device, measuring system, and measuring method HASHIZUME Hiromichi 5593062
Information search/display apparatus, method, and information search/display program SONEHARA Noboru 5599068
Information search/display apparatus, method, and information search/display program SONEHARA Noboru 5608950
Information search/display apparatus, method, and information search/display program SONEHARA Noboru 5608951
Information providing apparatus, method, and program SONEHARA Noboru 5614655
Control server, control method, and control program AOKI Michihiro 5682932
Doppler radar system, Doppler radar transmitter, and transmission wave optimization method HASHIZUME Hiromichi 5704695
Speed/distance detection system, speed/distance detection device,and speed/distance detection method HASHIZUME Hiromichi 5739822
Information processing apparatus, schedule determination method, and computer program KAWARABAYASHI Ken-ichi 5733722
Search tree drawing apparatus, search tree drawing method, and program JI Yusheng 5754676
Encoding apparatus, method, program, and recording medium ONO Nobutaka 5789816
Word-order rearrangement device, translation device, translation model learning device,method, and program MIYAO Yusuke 5800206
Acoustic signal analyzing apparatus, method, and program ONO Nobutaka 5807914
Data delivery system, data delivery apparatus, and method FUKUDA Kensuke 5818262
Data distributed management system, apparatus, method, and program FUKUDA Kensuke 5818263
Acoustic signal analyzing apparatus, method, and program ONO Nobutaka 5911101
Image search apparatus, method, and program SATOH Shin'ichi 5979444
Distance measuring method and radar device HASHIZUME Hiromichi 6029287
State detection of superconducting qubits using light NEMOTO Kae 6029070
Optical parametric oscillator, and random signal generator and Ising model calculator using the same YAMAMOTO Yoshihisa 6029072
Word-order rearrangement device, translation device, method, and program MIYAO Yusuke 6040946
Signal processing apparatus, method, and program ONO Nobutaka 6005443
Spoken language evaluation device, parameter estimation device, method, and program ONO Nobutaka 6057170
Signal processing apparatus, signal processing method, and computer program ONO Nobutaka 6099032
Interactive information search device using gaze interface KANDO Noriko 6099342
Face-detection prevention device ECHIZEN Isao 6108562
Legal reasoning presentation method, legal reasoning presentation system, and program SATOH Ken 6112542
Ising model quantum computing device and Ising model quantum computing method UTSUNOMIYA Shoko 6143325
Word-order rearrangement device, translation device, translation model learning device, method, and program MIYAO Yusuke 6083645
Doppler imaging signal transmitter, Doppler imaging signal receiver, Doppler imaging system, and method HASHIZUME Hiromichi 6179940
Gray image encoding apparatus and decoding apparatus CHEUNG Gene 6188005
Flip- op circuit YONEDA Tomohiro 6210505
Initialization method for superconducting qubits NEMOTO Kae 6230123
Generation model creation device, estimation device, and the methods and programs thereof ONO Nobutaka 6241790
Ising model quantum computing device, Ising model quantum parallel computing device, and Ising model quantum computing method UTSUNOMIYA Shoko 6255087
Ising model quantum computing device YAMAMOTO Yoshihisa 6260896
Adaptive positioning interval setting system, adaptive positioning interval setting method, behavior model calculation device, and behavior model calculation program TAKASU Atsuhiro 6253022
Quantum key distribution system and quantum key distribution method YAMAMOTO Yoshihisa 6257042
Audio signal processing apparatus and method ONO Nobutaka 6278294
Computation using a network of optical parametric oscillators UTSUNOMIYA Shoko 6300049
Saliency image generating apparatus, method, and program SUGIMOTO Akihiro 6318451
Network system for information processing equipment KOIBUCHI Michihiro 6325260
Data cache method, node device, and program URUSHIDANI Shigeo 6319694
Natural language reasoning system, natural language reasoning method, and program MIYAO Yusuke 6327799
Virtual state de nition device, virtual state de nition method, and virtual state de nition program URUSHIDANI Shigeo 6332802
Coupon system AIHARA Kenro 6347383
Magnetic resonance equipment NEMOTO Kae 6347489
Streaming distribution system CHEUNG Gene 6367030
Light generating device and light generating method BYRNES Timothy 6376697
Rehabilitation support device and method of operating rehabilitation support INAMURA Tetsunari 6381097
Ising model quantum computing device UTSUNOMIYA Shoko 6429346
Information processing apparatus and information processing method KAWARABAYASHI Ken-ichi 6445246
Object region identi cation method, apparatus, and program SATOH Shin'ichi 6448036
Sugar chain compound and method for producing sugar chain compound SATOH Hiroko 6455857
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and recording medium SATO Imari 6471942
Network design apparatus and program TAKEDA Hideaki 6475966
Biological detection device, biological detection method, and program YAMAGISHI Junichi 6480124
Noise addition device and noise addition method ECHIZEN Isao 6501228
Computer system for unsupervised speaker adaptation of DNN speech synthesis, and the method and program implemented in the computer system YAMAGISHI Junichi 6505346
Virtual currency management program and method OKADA Hitoshi 6544695
Network control device, network control method, and network control program KURIMOTO Takashi 6550662
Information extraction apparatus, information extraction method, and information extraction program SAKAMOTO Kazunori 6562276
Word rearrangement learning device, word rearrangement device, method, and program MIYAO Yusuke 6613666
Observer detection device, method, program, and computer-readable recording medium KONISHI Takuya 6614030
Digital holographic recording device, digital holographic reproducing device, digital holographic recording method, and digital holographic reproducing method SATO Imari 6628103
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program ZHENG Yinqiang 6671653
Image processing apparatus and method, image processing program, and projection device SATO Imari 6757004
Sound source separation device ONO Nobutaka 6763721
Image processing apparatus and method BISE Ryoma 6799331
A control program and recording medium of the optical ultrasonic imaging method and apparatus, and ultrasonic wave imaging apparatus BISE Ryoma 6799321
Computing apparatus, program and method for coupled oscillator systems UTSUNOMIYA Shoko 6803026
In the Ising-model computing device UTSUNOMIYA Shoko 6818320
Information transmitting apparatus, information receiving apparatus, information transmission system and program, positioning system, luminaire and lighting system HASHIZUME Hiromichi 6847411
Network evaluation method, evaluation apparatus and program KURIMOTO, Takashi 6875702
A control program and recording medium of the image processing apparatus and method, and image processing apparatus KODAMA, Kazuya 6908277
Three apparatus, program, information processing system, and control method KURIMOTO, Takashi 6944155
Three apparatus, program, information processing system, and control method KURIMOTO, Takashi 6944156
In the Ising-model computing device UTSUNOMIYA, Shoko 6980185
Shape measuring apparatus and method SATO, Imari 6979701
The mobile unit's position measurement system AIHARA, Kenro 7012985
Encoding apparatus, encoding method, and program YAMAGISHI, Junichi 7019138
In the Ising-model computing device UTSUNOMIYA, Shoko 7018620
The impact force evaluation system MIZUNO, Takayuki 7040786

List of Registered Trademarks

(as of the end of March 2022)

Trademark mode Registration number
Net Commons4832775
Picture + SINET4934163
Top SE4943324
Net Commons5182361
n c net commons5152641
neXt commons5191260
GRACE+ Picture5275386
Picture (Palette)5498318
Picture (GakuNin)5498319
Info dog5538785
Picture (Info dog)5538784
Picture (CiNii)5580217
Picture (Michael)5600802
Picture (GeoNLP)5645544
SIGVerse *5649553
PrivacyVisor *5653596
(Picture) Eduroam6029579
(Picture) School cap and cloud6062452
QNNcloud *6072214
(Character) Bit-kun6297315
(Character) Top SE6335656

*SIGVerse (International Registration No. 1203063) and PrivacyVisor (International Registration No. 1208262) are also registered trademarks in Europe, the United States, and China.

*QNNcloud is a registered trademark in Europe and China as well.