A delegation from the Netherlands on a medical AI innovation mission visited NII

On May 28, a delegation of 20 members from the Netherlands visited the National Institute of Informatics (NII) to investigate initiatives related to medical AI during their visit to Japan.

The delegation, supported by the Dutch government, is composed of representatives from companies, universities, and research institutions.

Deputy Director Akiko Aizawa provided an overview of NII and introduced the SIP project, and Professor Kensaku Mori, the director of the Medical Big Data Research Center, explained the cloud infrastructure for medical big data. Additionally, Professor Koichi Takeda, the deputy director of the Large Language Model Research and Development Center, presented current research on large-scale language models.

From the Netherlands, they introduced initiatives for AI-driven innovation, the realization of medical data spaces, and how generative AI is assisting healthcare professionals.They also had lively discussions and exchanges of opinions on NII's initiatives and numerous questions about medical AI in Japan.