Fiscal 2021

New method for automatic and efficient discovery of reliable gas turbine system designs
-- Exploiting the logical specification in black box optimization and applying it to the design process of real commercial products --
A paper by Assoc. Prof. by Special Appointment Paolo Arcaini and others was awarded as Distinguished Paper Award of 13th Symposium on Search-Based Software Engineering
Assoc. Prof. KANEKO Megumi won the 2021 KDDI Foundation's Contribution Award
miwo - App for AI Kuzushiji Recognition was released.
Prof. KAWARABAYASHI Ken-ichi won The 2021 Fulkerson Prize
Launching the Operation of "Japan Data Catalog for the Humanities and Social Sciences" (JDCat)
-Support for Searching Research Data for research & education, policy planning -
Academic Employment Opportunities at the NII, Digital Content and Media Sciences Research Division, Yamagishi Lab, Project Researcher (Specified fixed-term employment, Postdoctoral Fellow)
Renewal of Academic Information System After 36 Years
New Catalog Information Service Corresponding to Digital Resources to Be Introduced from 2022
A paper by Prof. Yusheng Ji and others was awarded as The IEEE Communications Society Outstanding Paper Award
Transformation of controller software for ensuring safe behavior under perceptual uncertainty
-- Bridging the gap between uncertain perception and reality in controller software design --
[Closed]Academic Employment Opportunities at the National Institute of Informatics, Research Organization of Information and Systems
A Host-Switch Graph Category with more specific conditions newly created!
Graph Golf Competition for Finding Network Configurations for Supercomputers
Automated Technique to Discover Automatically Simulation Configurations for Behaviors Hard to Test
- Automated Search for "Various Situations" Encountered in Automated Driving