Fiscal 2021

Discovery of the indirect network with the smallest theoretical diameter in the Graph Golf, a competition to find graphs leading to the efficient design of supercomputers.
Japan Data Catalog for the Humanities and Social Sciences (JDCat)
-Goes into full operation enabling data cross-searching in the humanities and social sciences-
Automated Technique to Efficiently Discover Severe Problems in Automated Driving Systems:
-- Investigating Potential Problems and Efficiently Searching for Likely Problems --
A paper by Prof. JI Yusheng and others was awarded as 2021 IEEE Internet of Things Journal Best Paper Award
A paper by Project Assistant Prof. LIU Jia and others was awarded as Best Paper Award of 2021 International Conference on Networking and Network Applications(NaNA 2021)
Project Researcher Phuc Nguyen and Prof. TAKEDA Hideaki's team won the 1st prize in Usability track category on ISWC2019 "Semantic Web Challenge on Tabular Data to Knowledge Graph Matching"
A paper by Prof. INOUE Katsumi, visiting Prof. MAGNIN Morgan and others was awarded as Best Paper Award of 30th International Conference on Inductive Logic Programming(ILP 2020-21)
New method for automatic and efficient discovery of reliable gas turbine system designs
-- Exploiting the logical specification in black box optimization and applying it to the design process of real commercial products --
A paper by Assoc. Prof. by Special Appointment Paolo Arcaini and others was awarded as Distinguished Paper Award of 13th Symposium on Search-Based Software Engineering
Assoc. Prof. KANEKO Megumi won the 2021 KDDI Foundation's Contribution Award
miwo - App for AI Kuzushiji Recognition was released.
Prof. KAWARABAYASHI Ken-ichi won The 2021 Fulkerson Prize
Launching the Operation of "Japan Data Catalog for the Humanities and Social Sciences" (JDCat)
-Support for Searching Research Data for research & education, policy planning -
Renewal of Academic Information System After 36 Years
New Catalog Information Service Corresponding to Digital Resources to Be Introduced from 2022
A paper by Prof. JI Yusheng and others was awarded as The IEEE Communications Society Outstanding Paper Award
Transformation of controller software for ensuring safe behavior under perceptual uncertainty
-- Bridging the gap between uncertain perception and reality in controller software design --
A Host-Switch Graph Category with more specific conditions newly created!
Graph Golf Competition for Finding Network Configurations for Supercomputers
Automated Technique to Discover Automatically Simulation Configurations for Behaviors Hard to Test
- Automated Search for "Various Situations" Encountered in Automated Driving