Award Ficical 2013

JAIRO Cloud has been awarded the Commendation of Merit, Stanford Prize for Innovation in Research Libraries (SPIRL) 2014.
William J. Munro (NII visiting professor, Research scientist NTT Basic Research Laboratories) has been awarded the Entropy Best Paper Award 2014.
Ikki Fujiwara (Project Researcher, Information Systems Architecture Research Division) has been awarded as IPSJ SIGARC Young Researcher Award at the 198th IPSJ SIG-ARC.
Assist. Prof. Tenda Okimoto (Transdisciplinary Research Integration Center, Inoue Laboratory) has been awarded as Best Presentation Award atThe 7th International Workshop on Multi-Disciplinary Trends in ArtificialIntelligence (MIWAI2013).
Associate professor Gene CHEUNG is awarded as " Top 10% award " in IEEE International Workshop on Multimedia Signal Processing (MMSP).
Associate professor Gene CHEUNG is awarded as " Best Student Paper Award " in IEEE International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP).
Alexandre Medi (University of Nantes), Assist. Prof. Tenda Okimoto (Transdisciplinary Research Integration Center) and Prof. Katsumi Inoue (Principles of Informatics Research Division) have been awarded as Excellent Paper Award at Joint Agent Workshops an
Ph.D. Keiichi Morikuni (Uno Lab.) was awarded the SIAM (Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics) Student Paper Prize (2013).
Mr. Akihiro Kameda (ROIS) , Prof. Hideaki TAKEDA (NII) and Prof. Akiko Aizawa (NII) are awarded as Best Paper Award in the Fifth International Conference on Information, Process, and Knowledge Management (eKNOW 2013).
Dr. Nicolas Schwind, Assist. Prof. Tenda Okimoto, Prof. Katsumi Inoue,Assist. Prof. Hei Chan and Mr. Tony Ribeiro (Inoue Laboratory) have been awarded as the Third Prize of Challenges and Visions Papers at the 12th International Conference on Autonomous A
Mr. Keiichi Morikuni (Hayami Lab.) received the Nagakura Research Incentive Award from The Graduate University for Advanced Studies.