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2nd call of 2017 "NII International Internship Program" Guideline for Candidates

This program is a part of NII's international exchange activities with students from institutions with which NII has concluded an MOU agreement. It is aimed at giving interns the opportunity to engage in research activities as well as receiving guidance in their research from professors at NII.
This incentive program is an opportunity for professional and personal development.

1. Target candidates:

Master's and/or Ph.D. students who are enrolled in the partner institutions that have signed MOU agreements with NII.

* Those who have obtained the Doctor of Philosophy degree are not qualified as intern students. They should be entitled as students at their home institutes during their internship period at NII.

2. Application procedure:

  • Fill out the NII International Internship Program application form and submit it to your home institution's supervisor.
  • Choose up to three topics out of the list of Research topics..
  • Attach your CV
  • We strongly recommend candidates to make a contact with NII supervisors whom they would like to conduct research topics. (e-mail correspondence etc.)
  • No direct application from candidates is accepted.
Each partner Institution
  • Collect application forms and after the selection, send them to NII by e-mail.
  • Send maximum two applications.
    MoU institutions may send a ranked list of up to two applicants meeting the institution's best standards of academic performance and research potential. Although the ranking will be taken into account by NII when making its final selections, NII cannot guarantee that all applicants will be selected due to the numbers of institutions and candidates involved. Note that NII researchers may not necessarily give priority to the top-ranked candidates when deciding which interns they are willing to supervise.
  • Responsible for the qualification and the curriculum planning of intern students.

3. Application deadline:

Application deadline is on October 20th, 2017. (at 17:00 Japan time)

4. Selection:

Screening of candidates is conducted by each NII supervisor first, then final selection is made by GLO and NII directors meeting.

5. Notification:

Notification of successful candidates will be made after mid- November, 2017.
NII will notify the contact person of each partner institution.

Important: NII internship students must work on the topic which has been agreed before their arrival and comply with that work and follow regulations. In case of non-respect of the conditions, NII will take an appropriate action including termination of their internship.

6. Sojourn expenses:

5,700 JPY per day as sojourn expenses (171,000 JPY/per month) will be covered by NII while intern students are staying at NII. Transportation expenses are in principal not paid.

7. Overseas travel insurance:

The cost of medical treatment for NII internship students will be covered except certain conditions and injuries (e.g., pre-existing/chronic conditions, dental care and vaccination).

We recommend that interns make provisions for other types of insurance before arriving in Japan. Examples include travel insurance to cover the cost of flight cancellations, lost baggage, and so on. Since the overseas travel insurance for intern students is valid from the day they leave their country to the day they arrive in their country, they are required to arrive in Japan one day prior to the first day of their internship and leave Japan in one day after their internship ends.

Important: On and after July 9, 2012, the alien registration system was abolished and foreigners also join the candidate for application of the Law of the Basic Resident Registers. The foreigner who resides exceeding three months comes to have national health insurance joined. If applicable intern students MUST pay the fee of national health insurance to the local government of their residence. It can be paid out of their sojourn expenses paid by NII or their own money. The fee would be around 1000 yen per month. The procedures should be confirmed at the municipal office.

8. Final evaluation:

After the completion of the internship period and submission of a report to NII, NII will issue a certificate of completion to each intern student.

9. Time frame:

Interns accepted for this program must arrive between early December, 2017 and mid March, 2018 and the duration of the internship should be discussed with NII supervisors. The internship activities should be for a period of 60 to 180 days.

* The internship duration is the length they stay at NII. ( from first day to last day at NII)


International Affairs and Education Support Team
National Institute of Informatics, Japan
E-mail: nii-internship[at]nii.ac.jp
Phone: +81-(0)3-4212-2165

Prof. Henri Angelino
Visiting Professor
Acting Director GLO
E-mail: angelino[at]nii.ac.jp