Bit-kun, the mascot character of NII, visits NII Shonan Meeting


NII Shonan Meeting is a series of seminars for informatics and brings together world-leading researchers around the world to intensively debate on research topics in informatics in the training-camp-style. Up until now more than 100 meetings have been held with around 3200 participants.

Bit-kun as the trainee dog of NII Publicity will introduce the day of NII Shonan Meeting to you.


Now I am getting on a bus to NII Shonan Meeting. The nearest train stations to Shonan Village Center are three stations, JR Zushi, Keikyu Shin-zushi, and Shioiri stations.

pic_20191116-2.jpg pic_20191116-3.jpg pic_20191116-0.jpg
I have just arrived at Shonan Village Center, the venue for Shonan Meeting!

I have found a signboard of NII Shonan Meeting at the entrance! I am very excited and looking forward to encountering what kind of researcher I can meet.

pic_20191116-8.jpg pic_20191116-9.jpg
Organizers as the center at NII Shonan Meeting and many researchers come from all over the world, right now 58 countries. I am very excited about the research stories of all the participants.

Sometimes it has a group workshop style with the heated discussion like this photo. Everyone looks proactive.

pic_20191116-11.jpg pic_20191116-11-2.jpg
Everyone looks enjoyable during the coffee break, too.
Although their living countries are far away one another, they are sharing the common research areas of informatics with one another based on a kindred spirit. They seem to have lots of endless talks.

Now it is the time for a group photo session in the interval of the seminar.

I have found group photos and message boards of the past Shonan meetings at the special corner near the seminar rooms.

pic_20191116-14.jpg pic_20191116-18.jpg
I could see Mt. Fuji from the hill when I went outside in the evening! We can enjoy beautiful sea and clear sky from Shonan Village Center.

They had a cheerful party all together at the Welcome Banquet on the first night. They really got lively.

I have enjoyed the Shonan Meeting so much today. Then I need a good sleep for tomorrow. Good night! See you then.