News Release

Worldwide Competition to Develop AI for Historical Japanese Character (Kuzushiji) Recognition
- The Competition, hosted on Kaggle, will start in July-
Wanted: People who have discovered huge graphs with simple structures connecting one million CPUs in a future supercomputer!
- Graph Golf Competition 2019 to be Held--Finding Graphs that Represent Efficient Network Configurations -
NII and WACREN Sign a Memorandum of Understanding on R&D of Open Science Infrastructure
NII Builds the World's First Round-the-Globe Ultra-High-Speed 100 Gbps Academic Communications Network
New method for high-speed synthesis of natural voices
~ Neural source-filter model uses neural networks to update classical speech-synthesis methods ~
Succeeded: World's fastest 600Gbps per lambda optical transmission with 587Gbps data transfer
Superradiant emission from colour centres in diamond
- a flash of light from a solid-state hybrid quantum system
Technique for Preventing Extraction of Finger Vein Patterns from Photographs
NII and CERN Sign a Memorandum of Understanding on Joint Development of Next Generation Repository System
Launch of Competition to Find Graphs Representing / Efficient Network Configurations
SIGVerse to be used as simulator at World Robot Summit sponsored by METI/NEDO/Tool developed by the research group of NII's Associate Professor Inamura
NII Signs 100th International Exchange Agreement/MOUs with Universities and Research Institutes in 29 Countries and Regions
NII launches new Research Center for Medical Big Data/Objectives include designing cloud platforms to collect medical imaging data and developing AI techniques for image analysis
MMCFTP file-transfer protocol Achieves Transmission Speeds of 231 Gbps/A New World Record for Long-Distance Data Transmission
Quantum Neural Network on Cloud
NII SHONAN MEETING Reaches 100th Milestone/Intensive Discussions by World's Top Researchers
Toward big-data clustering on a personal computer: New algorithm achieves high processing speeds with small memory
KAKEN grant database launches ORCID support/Researchers can connect their national researcher identifiers to international identifiers
NII and NIMS Sign a Memorandum of Understanding on Coordination and Cooperation/Promoting Open Science through Collaborative Data Platform Research and Development
Protection of biometric information against threats arising at border between cyber and physical worlds
Development of New Acoustic Signal Processing Technology that Simultaneously Recognizes the Voices of Multiple Speakers
Large volumes of data from ITER successfully transferred to Japan at unprecedented speeds
Official Launch of the GakuNin Cloud Support Service