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Talk on "multi-user communications: toward reliable and massive communications with ML-based solutions" by Prof. Jean-Marie Gorce from INRIA France

We are pleased to inform you about the upcoming seminar by Prof. Jean-Marie Gorce from INRIA France titled : "multi-user communications: toward reliable and massive communications with ML-based solutions" Everyone interested is cordially invited to attend!


multi-user communications: toward reliable and massive communications with ML-based solutions


the multi-user communications paradigm has been defined in the early stage of information theory and is a pilar for the design of new and future decentralized communication problems including 6G, IoT, vehicular communications, for which the performance objective are much more thanrates maximisation (massive, reliability, delay, environment awareness).
The Maracas research group addresses these questions, finding its roots in information theory, and crosses expertises from applied mathematics, machine learning (ML), signal processing and experimental design. In this talk, an overview of the current trends and the main research directions of our group is first presented. We will then focus on two important studies : the first one concerns fundamental limits of massive access. The key approach aims at elaborating a fundamental limit such as the famous Shannon capacity for a point to point communication, at the network scale.
Using tools from stochastic geometry and graph matching, we obtained such limit formalized as a energy efficiency-spectral efficiency trade-off. Open questions related to strong time constraints will be drafted. The second topic is about ML-based solutions for wireless communications. Few key problems related to decentralized and partially coordinated multiple access will be presented with an introduction of our recent contributions related to protocol learning, and to enhanced random access.
The presentation will be ended by introducing our most promizing open research directions.

Speaker Bio:

Jean-Marie Gorce (Senior Member, IEEE) received the M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in electrical engineering from the Institut National des Sciences Appliquées (INSA), Lyon, France, in 1993 and 1998, respectively. He was a Co-Founder of the Centre for Innovation, Telecommunications and Integration of Services (CITI Lab), in 2001. He was a Visiting Scholar with Princeton University, Princeton, NJ, USA, from 2013 to 2014. He has been the Principal Investigator of several French and European sponsored projects related to wireless networks. He is a Professor with INSA de Lyon and the Head for Science with INRIA Lyon. He is currently the Scientific Coordinator for the Maracas group and for the Experimental Facility FIT-CorteXlab. He has co-published more than 200 conference and journal articles. His research focuses on multi-user communicating systems, with approaches combining information theory, coding, machine learning, signal processing and implementation.


15:30-16:30 July 12th (Friday), 2024


Room 1903 NII




If you would like to join, please contact by email.
Email :megkaneko[at]nii.ac.jp