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Talk by Dr. Jeannette Nuessli Guth on "The food we eat - a sensory science perspective about social media and communication challenges"

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Jeannette Nuessli Guth, Research Fellow at ETH Zurich, Switzerland, will give the following talk "The food we eat - a sensory science perspective about social media and communication challenges".

You are all welcome to join!

A workshop is organized preceding the presentation. It will include an introduction to sensory basics as well as a practical in describing food samples.

The objective is to demonstrate to participants the challenge of describing sensory perceptions both individually and in sharing with other peoples.


August 10 (Fri.)


National Institute of Informatics
Room 1213 (12th floor), NII




Sensory description of food products

* Advanced Registration to the workshop is requested, Thank you to send an email to andres [at] nii.ac.jp


16:30 - 17:30


The food we eat - a sensory science perspective about social media and communication challenges


Jeannette Nuessli Guth, ETH Zurich, Consumer Behavior, Switzerland


Eating and drinking goes far beyond to fulfill energy and nutrient needs. It is an essential part for human beings connected to their social and cultural life. The eating experience changes continuously as society and our personal lives develop.

New platforms facilitate exchange on eating experiences, e.g. in restaurants. Ratings of these occasions have become quite common in the digital world. For research, this offers tremendous possibilities for investigations on language of food and conversations.

The talk gives some insights covering historical aspects of eating and drinking as well as future implications. The better food and its components are understood, the better this knowledge can be used designing new eating experiences. Focus is put on sensory language.

How does conversation work and what implications does this have in conversations about food?


Dr. Jeannette Nuessli Guth got her degree in Food Science in 1992 from ETH Zurich, Switzerland. After obtaining her doctoral degree in Food Science, she spent one year as a postdoc at the INRA in France working on starch-aroma interactions.
Since 2000, she is senior scientist and lecturer with focus on sensory science at ETH Zurich in Switzerland, currently at the Department of Health Sciences and Technology in the group of Consumer Behavior. Her research areas include sensory interactions, texture evaluation as well as sensory and emotion language. Since 2003, she is involved in projects specializing on sensory language. Besides her engagement at ETH Zurich, she is expert for the Swiss Accreditation Service for Sensory Laboratories, member of the Sensory Committee of DLG in Germany and member of the sensory group in Switzerland. Current research includes experience in sensory interactions, temporal methods, consumer studies and sensory language.
Current research interest:
Taste language across different cultures/ language communities including tasting experience within the collaboration with the Cooking Recipes Without Border project. Dr. Jeannette Nuessli Guth was a keynote speaker at the ICDE 2018 DECOR workshop
last April 2018 in Paris.


Frederic Andres ( andres [at] nii.ac.jp )