<Doctoral degree>

A doctoral degree is granted by SOKENDAI if a student:
(1) has been in a Department of SOKENDAI for specified number of years or more, has acquired the required number of credits or more, has received the required supervision, and then passed doctoral thesis examinations (Doctor (Katei-Hakase))
(2) has applied for examination of his/her doctoral thesis without being in a Department of SOKENDAI and has passed the examination (Doctor by dissertation (Ronbun-Hakase)). Enrolled students should aim to obtain a doctoral degree by the first method (1) (Doctor (Katei-Hakase)).

For details, please refer to following pages.

  1. Apply to Doctor (Katei-Hakase)
  2. Apply to Doctor by dissertation (Ronbun-Hakase)

<Master's degree>

SOKENDAI does not offer any master's program; therefore, in principal, no master's degree is awarded. However, students who have registered in the 5-year courses in Departments in the School of Physical Sciences, High Energy Accelerator Science, Multidisciplinary Sciences, Life Science, or Advanced Sciences, and who are permitted to withdraw from SOKENDAI and have satisfied all of the below the requirements may be awarded a master's degree.

  • Enrollment in a School of SOKENDAI for two years or more
  • Earning at least 30 credits as prescribed
  • Having undergone the necessary research supervision, successful examination of a master's thesis or specific research project and successful completion of a final examination

For more details, please contact Office of Department of Informatics.

SOKENDAI (The Graduate University for Advanced Studies)School of Multidisciplinary Sciences,Department of Informatics

国立大学法人 総合研究大学院大学 大学共同利用機関法人 情報・システム研究機構 国立情報学研究所 / National Institute of Informatics