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NII International advanced lectures series on ICT



October, 2013 Lecture Series by Prof. Henri Casanova (Total six lectures)
November, 2013 Lecture Series by Prof. Robert A. Kowalski (Total Four lectures)
March, 2013 Lecture Series by Assoc. Prof. Morgan Magnin (Total Four lectures)
February, 2013 Lecture Series by Prof.Randy Goebel (Total Four lectures)
February, 2013 Lecture Series by Dr. Edgar R. Weippl (Total Four lectures)
November, 2012 Lecture Series by Prof.Gladimir V. G. Baranoski (Total five lectures)
March, 2012 Lecture Series by Prof.Stefan Rüger (Total eight lectures)
January, 2012 Lecture series by Prof.Jean Bézivin(Universities of Nantes) (Total four lectures)
December, 2011 Lectures by Prof. Ali Mili (New Jersey Institute of Technology) (Total five lectures)
December, 2011 Lecture Series by Professor Thomas Ågotnes, University of Bergen (Total seven lectures)
October, 2011 Proffesor Emeritus Neil D. Jones (University of Copenhagen) Theme: Programming and Program Transformation (Total five lectures)
January, 2011 Dr (Professor) Fang Chen, Research Group Manager at NICTA, Australia
Theme:Multimodal Cognitive Load Measurement and its Applications (Total six lectures)
December, 2010 Nicolas P. Rougier (Experienced Research Scientist, Grand Est Center in INRIA)
Theme: Visual Attention for Human Computer Interaction:Analysis and Model (Total four lectures)
October, 2010 Kun Yang (Reader, Department of Computing and Electronics Systems, University of Essex)
Theme: Future Networks and Services (Total four lectures)
July, 2010 Director at INRIA, Andre Gagalowicz
Integrating computer vision and computer graphics for high fidelity 3D modelling (Total six lectures)
February, 2010 Dr. David Toman, University of Waterloo, Canada
Theme: Fundamentals of Physical Design and Query Compilation
September, 2009 Assistant Professor, Luis Ceze, Computer Science and Engineering, University of Washington
Theme: Advances in Multiprocessor Programmability Using Coarse-Grain Execution
April, 2009 Prof. Christian Boitet, Universite Joseph Fourier (Grenoble, France)
Theme: Machine Translation (MT) and Computer-Aided Translation (CAT)
March, 2009 Associate Professor Andrei Doncescu (University of Paul Sabatier, France)
Theme: Knowledge Representation and Reasoning for Systems Biology
March, 2009 Dr. Kun Yang (University of Essex, UK.)
Theme: Wireless Networks and Pervasive Services Technologies: Fundamentals and Recent Advances
Nobember, 2008 Associate Prof. Vincent Oria (New Jersey Institute of Technology University)
Theme: Emerging Topics in Databases
September, 2008 Prof. Lawrence Snyder (University of Washington)
Theme: Principles of Parallel Programming
June, 2008 Prof. Frank Y. Shih (New Jersey Institute of Technology)
Theme: Image Processing and Pattern Recognition: Fundamentals and Applications

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