Greetings from Director General

KITSUREGAWA, Masaru / Director General, National Institute of Informatics

喜連川 優
Informatics changes the world.

The field of informatics is widely expected to become one of the dominant areas of academic inquiry in the 21st century. Rising from the traditional foundations of information science and engineering, informatics represents a new, comprehensive, interdisciplinary research field that examines information-related issues, including issues in the humanities and the social sciences.

The Department of informatics established in the National Institute of Informatics (NII), which is only comprehensive academic informatics institute in Japan, offers a Ph.D. program in informatics to educate and cultivate researchers to have a solid grounding in advanced informatics and expertise across a broad range of disciplines, as well as flexible perspectives and sophisticated technical knowledge. Candidates for the Ph.D. program are also expected enter the ranks of international and interdisciplinary professionals well-versed in informatics.

NII has a clear vision of the students we hope to cultivate: researchers with a keen interest in informatics -- an inter-disciplinary field encompassing the natural sciences, humanities, and social sciences -- dedicated to realizing an advanced information-based society, and capable of serving as leaders in the field of informatics. We seek students with the aptitude to become sophisticated professionals devoted to the development of information technologies that will contribute to societal progress, as well as members of society with a strong interest in acquiring broader perspectives and deeper technical knowledge as they serve in the workforce.

In the Department of Informatics, we look forward to our future students and the challenges we expect them to tackle. We fully expect that the progress and development of these students in informatics will change the world.

Greetings from Chair of Department

HU, Zhenjiang / Chair, Department of Informatics

HU, Zhenjiang
What is Informatics?

The Department of Informatics consists of six fields: Foundations of Informatics, Information Infrastructure Science, Software Science, Multimedia Information Science, Intelligent Systems Science, and Information Environment Science. These fields are based on the traditional domains of computer science and information engineering, at the same time forming new academic fields encompassing the humanities and social sciences. Moreover, our department covers research and education at all of: basic, applied and practical phases. We aim to develop not only researchers, but also highly-skilled professionals, who turn out the next leaders of the informatics domain.

Our department has Five year Ph.D. Course and Three year Ph.D. Course: the former for undergraduate university graduates, where students can take plenty of time to find and approach good themes, and the latter for students coming from a master course, where students can concentrate on themes extending their research experiences.

Informatics students are students of SOKENDAI(The Graduate University for Advanced Studies) as well as members of NII. They can study in an environment of international collaborations on a daily basis, participate in various research projects at NII, and train to become international researchers through exchange programs with foreign universities and institutes.

The fact that we have a high percentage of foreign students is also an important feature of our department. Many of the lectures are available in English, quite a few laboratories have seminars in English, and cross-cultural communication among the students goes without saying. Thus, we offer a valuable environment for students envisioning an international career.

Greetings from Deputy Chair of Department

INOUE, Katsumi / Vice chair, Department of Informatics (In charge of Research and Education)

INOUE, Katsumi
Getting a PhD at NII

Department of Informatics has been installed in National Institute of Informatics (NII). Each student belongs to the laboratory of a supervisor, and engages in research activities as a researcher of NII. For this purpose, NII employs every student as a research assistant (except students with full-time jobs and government-sponsored foreign students). Students study ever-progressing theories and technologies of informatics, while they receive research advices from their supervisors and advisors, then make presentations at top-level international conferences and write papers for international journals, and finally should complete excellent and original PhD works at NII. It is the mission of Department of Informatics that the world's top-level researchers of NII educate and develop top-level researchers at NII.

TAKEDA, Hideaki / Vice chair, Department of Informatics (In charge of Student life)

武田 英明
School for students with global perspective

The mission of Department of Informatics is to develop researchers that can work globally. National Institute of Informatics has the global research network so that research for students is often a part of international cooperative research programs.

It is common that students present their work in conferences abroad and some stay in foreign universities and institutes for research. Nearly a half of students are those from abroad. With internship students and researchers from abroad, the atmosphere of the student rooms is always multi-linguistical and multi-cultural. The outside of the department is Tokyo but its inside is truly international.

OKADA, Hitoshi / Vice chair, Department of Informatics (In charge of International affairs)

岡田 仁志
Cool heads but warm hearts

The Department of Informatics possesses a highly interdisciplinary character, with researchers from a wide range of fields, and an outstanding global nature, where a wide variety of cultures intersect. This combination provides an exceptional research environment that strongly stimulates intellectual curiosity. In the intellectual production process that leads up to completing a doctoral thesis it is not only necessary to conduct the detailed and logical work which is enabled by a cool mind. In academic life, a warm perspective rooted in human life can become the source of new ideas. Here you can find a challenging environment that brings forth true innovation. I invite you to join the circle of talented researchers that exists in the Department of Informatics and to experience the sparks given off by the contact with different cultures and different disciplines. You might be the one to discover something yet unknown to humankind.

SOKENDAI (The Graduate University for Advanced Studies)School of Multidisciplinary Sciences,Department of Informatics

国立大学法人 総合研究大学院大学 大学共同利用機関法人 情報・システム研究機構 国立情報学研究所 / National Institute of Informatics