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About NII

Future Value Creation through Informatics by Advancing Research and Operations in Tandem

As Japan's only general academic research institution seeking to create future value in the new discipline of informatics, the National Institute of Informatics (NII) seeks to advance integrated research and development activities in information-related fields, including networking, software, and content. These activities range from theoretical and methodological work through applications. As an inter-university research institute, NII promotes the creation of a state-of-the-art academic-information infrastructure (the Cyber Science Infrastructure, or CSI) that is essential to research and education within the broader academic community, with a focus on partnerships and other joint efforts with universities and research institutions throughout Japan, as well as industries and civilian organizations.

Mission & Strategies

Mission and Strategies of NII

Overview of NII

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International Exchange

The NII presents research results to the world and strives to contribute globally through efforts related to informatics – by promoting active international exchange among researchers and students and helping to establish informatics research bases – as a partner in various international joint projects.

Graduate Education Activities

NII provides graduate education in its efforts to train leading researchers capable of combining a broad view with advanced specialization. Students develop the ability to address challenges by capitalizing on NII's unique strengths, including comprehensive informatics research systems and a practical environment in which theoretical research and practical development are combined.

NII Library

The NII Library holds a number of books and periodicals on informatics, including online journals as part of its role as an informatics research/education center.
Library collaborates with nearby Meiji University Library to provide access to information of academic documents for students of Graduate University for Advanced Studies.

International Seminar House for Advanced Studies

The International Seminar House for Advanced Studies, or Inose Lodge, was built on land donated by Dr. Hiroshi Inose, the first director general of NII. His idea was to create an ideal place for interdisciplinary and international discussions.


NII publishes books and periodicals detailing its research findings.

Research Results

"NII Technical Reports" and "Progress in Informatics" are issued to serve generally as updates on the NII's research activities.


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