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Tackling the theme of "future value creation" with an open and unique research system

As Japan's only multidisciplinary academic laboratory, NII requires abundant outstanding human resources to carve out a future in the field of information science. To carry out this mission, researchers at NII are working on their activities under a more powerful and open research system.



Deputy Director General

HONIDEN Shinichi
Deputy Director General

Deputy Director General

Deputy Director General


In the Principles of Informatics Research Division we seek to discover new principles, theories and methods in Informatics, and extend our goal to pioneering the frontiers to try and achieve a paradigm shift in informatics.

The Information Systems Architecture Science Research Division deals with the research issues in software/hardware architectures of computers and networks, and their system implementation.


The Division conducts research on various types of contents and media such as text and video in terms of analysis, creation, compilation and application, and their processing methods from the theories to the systems.

We remain dedicated to aiding in the creation of a society in which information is integrated into the real world, based on interdisciplinary research on information and systems technologies and on issues in the human and social sciences.