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From Director General
For the Promotion of Informatics
Dr. Hiroshi INOSE, Director General Received IT Award from ASOCIO
Construction Status of NACSIS New Building
Third Party Review Committee Report Issued
Retrieval Service for Union Catalog Databases on WWW (Webcat) Formally Started
Completion of Data Input of Bibliotheque de la Maison Franco-Japonaise
Editorial Status of "Union Catalog of Serials in European Languages", 1998 Edition
Implementation of Carrier Information Service (NACSIS-CIS)
"Directory of University Professors and Researchers in Japan (1996)" Issued on CD-ROM
Active Hypermedia Delivery System (AHYDS) and Phasme Project
-Introduction to Research Conducted under the COE Program -
WAINS4 (The Fourth International Workshop on Academic Information Networks and Systems)
Completion of the Asia Information Survey
Invitation to Mr. Eric J. Miller, OCLC Online Computer Library Center, Inc.
Invitation to Dr. Gerald Hane, White House Office of Science and Technology Policy
Investigation by WTEC Digital Information Organization Study Team
Invitaions to Mr. Ronald C. Jantz and Ms. Jane M. Thacker
-Research on Overseas Demand for Japanese Information Resources-
NACSIS-IR Usage Status for Fiscal 1997 (Top 10 Databases)
Liaison Meeting of NACSIS-CAT Regional Training Course in Fiscal 1997
Implementation Status of Electronic Library Service
Report on Educational and Training Programs in Fiscal 1997