Progress in Informatics   No.5 March 2008

  Special Contribution  
  Towards robust self-managed systems
  Page 1
  Abstract | PDF(812KB)| References
  Guest Editorial  
  Special issue: The future of software engineering for security and privacy
  Shinichi HONIDEN, Bashar NUSEIBEH
  Page 5
  Abstract | PDF(610KB) | References
  Research Paper  
  PORTAM:policy,requirements,and threats analyzer for mobile code applications
  Haruhiko KAIYA, kouta SASAI, Kenji KAIJIRI
  Page 7
  Abstract | PDF(1,142KB) | References
  Education Paper  
  Curriculum design and methodologies for security requirements analysis
  Kenji TAGUCHI, Yasuyuki TAHARA
  Page 19
  Abstract | PDF(1,748KB) | References
  Survey Paper  
  A survey on security patterns
  Nobukazu YOSHIOKA, Hironori WASHIZAKI, Katsuhisa MARUYAMA
  Page 35
  Abstract | PDF(1,091KB) | References
  Security software engineering in wireless sensor networks
  Eric PLATON, Yuichi SEI
  Page 49
  Abstract | PDF(386KB) | References
  Research Paper  
  CAMNEP: An intrusion detection system for high-speed networks
  Martin REHÁK, Michal PECHOUCEK, Karel BARTOS, Martin GRILL, Pavel CELEDA, Vojtech KRMÍCEK
  Page 65
  Abstract | PDF(2,222KB) | References
  Survey Paper  
  Feature interaction: the security threat from within software systems
  Armstrong NHLABATSI, Robin LANEY, Bashar NUSEIBEH
  Page 75
  Abstract | PDF(938KB) | References
  Education Paper  
  Placing computer security at the heart of learning
  Page 91
  Abstract | PDF(1,876KB) | References
  R & D Project Reports  
  3DCG reconstitution and virtual reality of UNESCO world heritage in danger: the Citadel of Bam
  Kinji ONO, Elham ANDAROODI, Alireza EINIFAR, Nobuaki ABE, Mohammad Reza MATINI, Olivier BOUET, Frank CHOPIN, Takashi KAWAI, Asanobu KITAMOTO, Asaka ITO, Eskandar MOKHTARI, Saeed EINIFAR, Seyyed Mohammad BEHESHTI, Chahryar ADLE
  Page 99
  Abstract | PDF(6,230KB) | References
  Development of the Shinshu University Online System of General Academic Resources (SOAR)
  Kenji ISHIZAKA, Masashi IWAI, Masato GOKAN, Hideho OHBA, Ryo SAKAGUCHI
  Page 137
  Abstract | PDF(4,132KB) | References
  Abstracts (Japanese)  
  Page 153
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