Progress in Informatics   No.9 March 2012

  Guest Editorial  
  Theoretical computer science and discrete mathematics
  Ken-ichi KAWARABAYASHI, Kunihiko SADAKANE, Takeaki UNO
  Page 1
  Abstract | PDF(112KB)
  Research Papers  
  An almost optimal algorithm for Winkler's sorting pairs in bins
  Hiro ITO, Junichi TERUYAMA, Yuichi YOSHIDA
  Page 3
  Abstract | PDF(256KB) | References
  A new order theory of set systems and better quasi-orderings
  Yohji AKAMA
  Page 9
  Abstract | PDF(203KB) | References
  Entropy estimation with suffix arrays
  Kunihiko SADAKANE
  Page 19
  Abstract | PDF(119KB) | References
  Implementation issues of clique enumeration algorithm
  Takeaki UNO
  Page 25
  Abstract | PDF(122KB) | References
  A dynamic programming algorithm for lot-sizing problem with outsourcing
  Ping ZHAN
  Page 31
  Abstract | PDF(105KB) | References
  An immersion of a square in 4-edge-connected graphs
  Page 35
  Abstract | PDF(110KB) | References
  Abstracts (Japanese)  
  Page 37
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