2011 Open Access Korea(OAK) Conference, October 26, 2011, Seoul, Korea.
 Jun Adachi: Open Access in Japan: 2011 Updates
 - Presentation material(PDF 1.85MB)PDF
SPARC Digital Repositories Meeting 2010, November 8-9, 2010, Baltimore.
 Jun Adachi: Will one virtual digital library cover the future world?
 - Presentation material
Berlin 8 Open Access Conference, October 25-27, 2010, Beijing.
 Jun Adachi: Parallel Sessions 7: Institutional Open Access Repositories
 Collaboration between Universities and NII on Institutional Repositories
 - Presentation material(PDF 1.10MB)PDF
2010 Open Access Korea(OAK) Conference, October 22, 2010, Seoul, Korea.
 Hideaki Takeda: Open Access and Dissemination of Scholarly Information in Japan
 - Presentation material
IFLA 2010 satellite Meeting 7, Ougust 9, 2010, Gothenburg, Sweden.
 Izumi Sugita: OA as driving force to make library services more patron-centered
 - Presentation material(PDF 1.10MB)PDF
CSI Conference 2009 (Contents)(Japanese), June 22, 2010, Tokyo.
DRF International Conference 2009(DRFIC2009) , December 3-4,2009,Tokyo.
Academic Portal Training Course(Japanese), August 5-7,2009,Nagoya.September 9-11,2009,Tokyo.
CSI Conference 2008 (Contents)(Japanese), July 9-10, 2009, Tokyo.
SPARC Digital Repositories Meeting 2008, November 17-18, 2008, Baltimore.
EAJRS 2008 Conference, Hattori(2008): Institutional Repositories -Current status and future in Japan-, September 16, 2008, Lisbon.
- Presentation material(PDF 3,932KB)PDF
Academic Portal Training Course(Japanese),July 23-25,2008,Nagoya.August 27-29,2008,Tokyo.
CSI Conference 2007 (Contents)(Japanese), June 12-13, 2008, Tokyo.
CEAL Annual Meeting 2008 ; NCC Open Meeting, Sugita(2008) : Current Status of Institutional Repositories in Japan, April 3, 2008, Atlanta.
- Presentation material (PDF 1,214KB) PDF
DRF International Conference 2008(DRFIC2008),January 30-31,2008,Osaka.
NII Library Forum 2007(Japanese),September 12-October 5,2007,Sapporo,Tokyo,Nagoya,Kyoto,Okayama,Fukuoka.
Academic Portal Training Course(Japanese),July 11-13,2007,Nagoya. August 22-24,2007,Tokyo.
CSI Conference 2006 (Contents)(Japanese),July 3,2007,Tokyo.
ETD2007,Sugita-Murakami (2007) : Thesis publication via institutional repositories in Japan : a preliminary survey and case studies.ETD 2007,June 14,2007,Uppsala.
- Abstract(PDF)PDF
- Presentation material (PDF 988KB)PDF
- Full paper (PDF)PDF
IATUL2007,Murakami (2007) : The interim evaluation method of the national project for institutional repositories in Japan,IATUL,June 11,2007,Stockholm.
- Abstract
- Presentation material (PDF)PDF
- Fulltext (PDF)PDF
NII Open House 2007,CSI Workshop " First step of Institutional Repositories "(Japanese),June 8,2007,Tokyo.
"Standing on the Shoulders of Digital Giants" International Symposium on Institutional Repositories,e-Science and the Future of Scholarly Communication,December 18-19,2006,Tokyo.
ICADL 2006,Murakami-Adachi (2006) : Institutional repositories in Japan. ICADL 2006,November 2006,Kyoto.
- Publisher version
- Author version (PDF)PDF
Academic Portal Training Course(Japanese),July 26-28,Tokyo. August 30-September 1,2006,Nagoya.
Orientation for Institutional Repository systems(Japanese),July 21,2006,Tokyo.
Briefing of CSI mission 2006(Japanese),July 12,2006,Tokyo.
CSI Conference 2005 (Contents)(Japanese),May 16,2006,Tokyo.
Briefing of CSI public advertisement mission 2006(Japanese),April 19,2006,Tokyo.
Workshop for Institutional Repository managers(Japanese),Febrary 15,2006,Tokyo.
Workshop for Institutional Repositories and metadata(Japanese),June 22,2005,Tokyo.
Final report meeting : Project for construction software of Institutional Repositories(Japanese),February 10,2005,Tokyo.
Meeting with Mr. Stevan Harnad(Japanese),November 24,2004,Yokohama.
Exhibition : SPARC & SPARC/Europe "Institutional Repositories : The Next Stage" (Japanese),November 18-19,2004,Washington,D.C.
Interim report meeting : Project for construction software of Institutional Repositories(Japanese),September 7,2004,Tokyo.
NII-IRP Workshop(Japanese),June 14-19,2004,Nagano.
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