Annual Schedule of SPARC Japan Seminar 2011 (as of March 13, 2012)

No. Time Place Title Speaker
1 Oct 28 Bellesalle Kudan Open Access Week (10/24 - 30)

Current situation and strategy of Open Access from viewpoints of journal publishing
  • Masashi Takigawa (Professor, Institute for Solid State Physics, University of Tokyo)

  • Naruya Saitou (Professor, National Institute of Genetics)

  • Tsutomu Tomotsune (Lecturer, International Center for Japanese Studies, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies)

2 Dec 6 NII Workshop for contemporary reference management tools
  • Dr. Victor Henning (Mendeley)

  • Mr. Chikashi Horikiri (Thomson Reuters)

  • Mr. Atsuyuki Kawabata (ProQeust)

  • Dr. Wataru Iwasaki (University of Tokyo)

3 Jan 31 Memorial Hall of the 50th Anniversary, Okayama University New movement of the distribution on scholarly information - Open Access for Researchers and Academic Societies
  • Izumi Mori (National Institute of Informatics)

  • Yuko Nagai (The Zoological Society of Japan)

  • Shin-ichi Todoroki (National Institute for Materials Science)

4 Feb 10 Kuroda Memorial Hall, Toyama University Distribution of Academic Information; Open the Way to the Future - Crisis of Online Journal and Open Access
  • Izumi Mori (National Institute of Informatics)

  • Mikiko Tanifuji (National Institute for Materials Science)

  • Shin-ichi Todoroki (National Institute for Materials Science)

5 Feb 29 NII Burgeoning Open Access MegaJournals
  • Yui Nishizono (Kagoshima University Library)

  • Sho Sato (Guraduate School of Tsukuba University)

  • Peter Binfield (PUBLIC LIBRARY of SCIENCE)

6 Mar 26 Tokyo University of Science Project Euclid
Mathematical Society of Japan
Joint Workshop

Workshop on Mathematics Publishing

※Please note the above schedule is subject to change.
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