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The Quantum Information Processing Newsletter is published four times a year updating the public on project activities. Topics covered include recent research results, overseas research activity, a summary of meetings held by the project, and other news relating to quantum information processing. The newsletter is published in Japanese only.


A. Furusawa and P. van Loock
"Quantum Teleportation and Entanglement" (Wiley-VCH)

Unique in that it is jointly written by an experimentalist and a theorist, this monograph presents universal quantum computation based on quantum teleportation as an elementary subroutine and multi-party entanglement as a universal resource. Optical approaches to measurement-based quantum computation are also described, including schemes for quantum error correction, with most of the experiments carried out by the authors themselves.
Ranging from the theoretical background to the details of the experimental realization, the book describes results and advances in the field, backed by numerous illustrations of the authors' experimental setups.
Aimed at researchers, physicists, and graduate and PhD students in physics, theoretical quantum optics, quantum mechanics, and quantum information.

Activity lists

Activity lists contain a summary of the publications, conference presentations, media, monographs, patents, and symposiums organized by FIRST quantum information processing project members.