Progress in Informatics   No.2 November 2005

  Special Contribution  
  Internet challenges for informatics research
  Gérard Huet
  Page 1
  Abstract | PDF(66KB)
  New uses for computer in medical education, clinical practice, and patient safety in the US and Japan
  Daisuke Koide, Edward Peskin, MD
  Page 3
  Abstract | PDF(2,699KB) | References
  Research Papers  
  Access, claims and quality on the internet – Future challenges
  Kim H. Veltman
  Page 17
  Abstract | PDF(472KB) | References
  Second order permutative conversions with Prawitz’s strong validity
  Makoto Tatsuta
  Page 41
  Abstract | PDF(874KB) | References
  Lightweight formal analysis of Web service flows
  Shin Nakajima
  Page 57
  Abstract | PDF(1,527KB) | References
  A Study on needs for e-learning – Through the analysis of national survey and case studies
  Keiko Watanabe
  Page 77
  Abstract | PDF(1,345KB) | References
  Ontology optimisation – Problematics & methodology, with a first step of formalism
  Truong My Dung, Nguyen Dinh Ngoc
  Page 87
  Abstract | PDF(441KB) | References
  Abstracts (Japanese)  
  Page 97
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