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The National Institute of Informatics provides LIFULL HOME'S Dataset to researchers, which was offered by LIFULL Co., Ltd. for promoting research in informatics and the related fields.

update: 2020-09-07

Outline of the Data

The dataset contains the data of LIFULL HOME'S, a Real Estate Information Service in Japan.

  1. Snapshot Data of Rentals (snapshot of 2015-09)
    • Rental data (5.33 million all over Japan): rental fee, area, location, age, floor plan, structure, facilities, etc.; approx. 1.6GB .tsv format files.
    • Image data (83 million files): floor plan image, room view, etc. of all the above items; approx. 210GB .jpg format files, max size: 120x120.
  2. High Resolution Floor Plan Image Data
    • High resolution version data of floor plan image (5.31 million files) included in Snapshot Data of Rentals; approx. 140GB .jpg format files. Additional application required to use this data (see Application section below).
  3. Monthly Data of Rentals and Sales (2015-07 - 2017-06, 24 months)
    • Property data of rentals and sales (5.33 million all over Japan): rental fee/price, area, location, age, floor plan, structure, facilities, etc.; approx. 1.7 - 4.5GB .tsv format files for respective months.

In addition, LIFULL Co., Ltd. provides a sample script for classifying image types via Github:

Update Information

  • Overseas distribution began. (2020/09/07)

User Qualification

Only researchers belonging to a university or a public research institution can apply to use the Data. Applications from those belonging to a private company, etc. will not be accepted. Usage is limited to academic research purposes only. For more details, please email the IDR office in the Contact section below.


Please apply following the procedure shown below. The data is available free of charge. The required documents can be downloaded from the links in the Documents section below.

  1. Please read the LIFULL HOME'S Dataset Terms of Use,the Handling of LIFULL HOME'S Dataset and the Terms of IDR Dataset Service carefully and, confirming that they are acceptable to you (and your organization), fill out the Application Form following the items below:

    1. An application should be made for each user group such as a laboratory in a university, and the applicant should be a principal investigator in the group, e.g., a professor at a university or a head researcher at a research institution.

    2. The signer of the Consent Form should be a person authorized to sign the contract on behalf of your organization (typically, a dean of a school or higher for universities). Please consult with your administrative section about the qualified signer beforehand and enter formal information in full for the Signer as to be printed in the Consent Form.

    3. "Research group members" are restricted to the researchers and students belonging to the abovementioned user group and doing research under supervision of the applicant. If someone belonging to a different organization or a separate laboratory, even in joint research, will use the data, a separate application should be made.

  2. Please send the application form as an email attachment to the IDR office shown in the Contact section below.

    1. The subject of the email should be "Application for the LIFULL HOME'S Dataset (Xxxx University)." If the subject is not appropriate, the email may be discarded without its content being reviewed.

    2. When applying for other datasets at the same time, please send each application as a separate email.

    3. Please note that your application will be forwarded to LIFULL Co., Ltd. and will be used to judge qualification, prepare the Consent Form, and manage users.

    4. If a member of your laboratory is working for a specific company and/or if your laboratory has a close connection with a specific company, e.g. doing a joint research project, you may not be granted approval to use the Dataset depending on its situation and/or its relation to the research you are going to do using the Dataset. The IDR office may approach you for more information if required.

  3. Your application will be reviewed at the IDR office and the availability of the data will be emailed to you. If you do not receive a reply email within a week, please contact the IDR office.

  4. Please submit an Consent Form to NII.

    1. The IDR office will send you an Consent Form by email.

    2. The Consent Form should be signed by the signer and PI, and be sent by post to the Contact (IDR Office) shown below.

  5. The IDR office will provide the data when your signed Consent Form has been received.

[ About High Resolution Floor Plan Image Data ]

The High Resolution Floor Plan Image Data will be provided if LIFULL Co., Ltd. allows it to be used for your purpose. To apply for use, after being provided with the LIFULL HOME'S Dataset, follow the instructions posted on the data download site.

Data provision

The data will be provided by downloading from the IDR's Web server.


Usage report, etc.

  • You are required to give LIFULL Co., Ltd. notice in advance of any press releases or media interviews regarding research results.
  • Please submit a report on publications at conferences and in journals every year in response to a request from the IDR office.
  • Before a private company employee joins the laboratory or your laboratory starts a new collaboration with a private company after signing the Consent Form, please consult with the IDR office well in advance.

Contact (IDR Office)

IDR Office, National Institute of Informatics

idr [at] nii.ac.jp
2-1-2 Hitotsubashi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-8430, JAPAN

(Please use email for communicating with us if not otherwise specified.)

User's Page

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