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update: 2022-03-10

Company-provided data

Yahoo! Dataset

The NII provides Yahoo! Dataset to researchers, which was offered by Yahoo! Japan Corporation.

  1. "Yahoo! Chiebukuro" Data (3rd edition)

Rakuten Dataset

The NII distributes Rakuten Dataset to researchers, which Rakuten Group, Inc. provides.

  1. Rakuten Ichiba: item data and review data
  2. Rakuten Travel: facilities data and review data
  3. Rakuten GORA: golf course data and review data
  4. Rakuten Recipe: recipe information and recipe image
  5. Annotated data -- 2022-03-10 UPDATE!!


The NII provides LIFULL HOME'S Dataset to researchers, which was offered by LIFULL Co., Ltd.

  1. Snapshot Data of Rentals
  2. High Resolution Floor Plan Image Data
  3. Monthly Data of Rentals and Sales

NTCIR Test Collection

Test collections that NTCIR Project organized by NII built. IDR provides the following test collections. The list of test collections provided by IDR is here. For other test collections that are provided by NTCIR secretariat, please refer to "Test Collections".

Speech Corpus

Speech corpora that Speech Resources Consortium established in NII accepted from various institutions and groups. These are provided by Speech Resources Consortium for the time being. Please refer to "Corpus List".

Researcher-provided data

Osaka University Multimodal Dialogue Corpus (Hazumi) --- 2021-09-22 Update

A multimodal human-agent dialogue corpus collected by Osaka University.

Discontinued dataset

Video Database ´╝łterminated´╝ë

Video databases for evaluation of video processing built by VDBWG, SIG-PRMU, IEICE. Distribution of the data was terminated. (Mar, 2018)