SPARC Japan NewsLetter No.8 コンテンツ特集記事特集記事トピックス活動報告
Feature Article
New Developments at SPARC Japan
Jun Adachi
New Developments at SPARC Japan
As major changes occur at home and abroad, SPARC Japan is moving in new directions; high hopes for the JUSTICE consortium.
Reflections on Copyediting II
Matthew H. Dick
Reflections on Copyediting II
The author discusses the role of the copyeditor in English-language publishing and his own experiences copyediting for a Japanese journal. This is the second of a two-part series.
Topic 1
Topic 2
Our Institutional Repository
No. 7. Institute of Developing Economies

Kanako Sakai
Our Institutional Repository
Librarian’s report on the current state of their repository, comments from researchers, etc.
Japan’s Scholarly Journals
Part 7. Japanese Society of Allergology

Toshiko Takeda
Japan’s Scholarly Journals
In this series, academic societies discuss their journals’ present status and future prospects, among other topics.
Activity Reports

Reports from Event Participants Ikuko Tsuchide / Takashi Koga

SPARC Japan Seminars: A Summary of 2010 and Plans for 2011

Reports from Event Participants/SPARC Japan Seminars: A Summary of 2010 and Plans for 2011
Reports on the SPARC Digital Repositories Meeting 2010 and the symposium on Open-Access Policy for the Dissemination of Research Outcomes from Universities; acknowledgements and requests regarding the SPARC Japan Seminars.