SPARC Japan NewsLetter No.11 コンテンツ特集記事トピックス活動報告
Feature Article 1
Feature Article 2

The Open Access Strategies of Commercial Publishers
Natsu Ishii

A report on the present state of Open Access and future OA strategies envisioned by a commercial publisher.

Scholarly Journal Publishing in the 21st Century Japan
−A report for all those who love academic journals in Japan (5)
The role of association journals in Japan: The future of periodicals subsidized under the Kakenhi Grants-in-Aid for Publication of Scientific Research Results Yuko Nagai

Japan’s system of subsidies for scientific periodicals is about to change. The author discusses a new concept of Kakenhi which addresses how these grants affect scholarly communication and electronic journals
Activity Reports

Japan’s Scholarly Journals
Part 10. The Japanese Society of Plant Physiologists
Masao Watanabe / Takashi Aoyama

In this series, academic societies discuss their journals’ present status and future prospects, among other topics.

Reports from Event Participants
Yasue Hioka / Masamitsu Kuriyama / Naho Tani
Announcement / Event Calendar

Reports from participants in Open Access Week “The 1st SPARC Japan Seminar 2011,” an announcement on the launch of “JAIRO Cloud”, a new shared repository service, and the calendar of upcoming SPARC Japan events.