Online ISSN:1349-8606
Progress in Informatics  
No.8 March 2011  
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Phase estimation with photon number constraint
Masahito HAYASHI
Graduate School of Information Sciences, Tohoku University
Centre for Quantum Technologies, National University of Singapore
(Received: October 28,2010)
(Revised: January 3,2011)
(Accepted: January 12,2011)
Many researches proposed the use of the noon state as the input state for phase estimation, which is one topic of quantum metrology. This is because the input noon state provides the maximum Fisher information at the specific point. However, the Fisher information does not necessarily give the attainable bound for estimation error. In this paper, we adopt the local asymptotic mini-max criterion as well as the mini-max criterion, and show that the maximum Fisher information does not give the attainable bound for estimation error under these criteria in the phase estimation. We also propose the optimal input state under the constraints for photon number of the input state instead of the noon state.
Phase estimation, photon number constraint, maximum photon number, asymptotic limit, quantum metrology, average of square of photon number
PDF(397KB) | References

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