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Progress in Informatics  
No.7 March 2010  
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Diminished reality using plane-sweep algorithm with weakly-calibrated cameras
Songkran JARUSIRISAWAD1, Takahide HOSOKAWA2, and Hideo SAITO3
1,2,3Department of Infomation and Computer Science, Keio University
(Received: September 30, 2009)
(Revised: December 15, 2009)
(Accepted: January 4, 2010)
We present a plane-sweep algorithm for removing occluding objects in front of the objective scene from multiple weakly-calibrated cameras. Projective grid space (PGS), a weak cameras calibration framework, is used to obtain geometrical relations between cameras. Plane-sweep algorithm works by implicitly reconstructing the depth maps of the targeted view. By excluding the occluding objects from the volume of the sweeping planes, we can generate new views without the occluding objects. The results show the effectiveness of the proposed method and it is fast enough to run in several frames per second on a consumer PC by implementing the proposed plane-sweep algorithm in graphics processing unit (GPU).
Diminished reality, plane-sweep, real-time, video-based rendering, Graphics processing unit (GPU)
PDF(2,227KB) | References

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