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No.11, March 2014: Table of Contents

Guest Editorial
The future of multimedia analysis and mining Shin'ichi SATOH, Kunio KASHINO, Nozha BOUJEMAA, Alexander G. HAUPTMANN

Research Papers
Crowdsourcing change Hari SUNDARAM

Report on the analyses and the applications of a large-scale news video archive: NII TV-RECS Ichiro IDE

Large-scale cross-media analysis and mining from socially curated contents Akisato KIMURA

Scalable approaches for content based video retrieval Thanh DUC NGO, Duy DINH LE, Shin'ichi SATOH

Technical Report
The future of multimedia analysis and mining Nozha BOUJEMAA, Alexander G. HAUPTMANN, Shin'ichi SATOH

Research Paper
A link utilization estimation scheme for nodes with multiple-queues in output ports Kiyofumi IGAI, Eiji OKI

Abstracts (Japanese)

- All papers on the 11th issue made available in PDF.

Special issue: The Future of Multimedia Analysis and Mining.
Including a foreword by guest editors and 7 featured papers.

- Notice of temporary suspension of publication of Progress in Informatics

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