Progress in Informatics   No.11 March 2014

  Guest Editorial  
  The future of multimedia analysis and mining
  Shin'ichi SATOH, Kunio KASHINO, Nozha BOUJEMAA, Alexander G. HAUPTMANN
  Page 1
  Abstract | PDF(779KB)
  Research Papers  
  Crowdsourcing change
  Page 3
  Abstract | PDF(454KB) | References
  Report on the analyses and the applications of a large-scale news video archive: NII TV-RECS
  Ichiro IDE
  Page 9
  Abstract | PDF(7906KB) | References
  Large-scale cross-media analysis and mining from socially curated contents
  Akisato KIMURA
  Page 19
  Abstract | PDF(12669KB) | References
  Scalable approaches for content based video retrieval
  Thanh DUC NGO, Duy DINH LE, Shin'ichi SATOH
  Page 31
  Abstract | PDF(977KB) | References
  Technical Report  
  The future of multimedia analysis and mining
  Nozha BOUJEMAA, Alexander G. HAUPTMANN, Shin'ichi SATOH
  Page 41
  Abstract | PDF(585KB) | References
  Research Paper  
  A link utilization estimation scheme for nodes with multiple-queues in output ports
  Kiyofumi IGAI, Eiji OKI
  Page 45
  Abstract | PDF(964KB) | References
  Abstracts (Japanese)  
  Page 57
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