Guidelines for Contributors to "Progress in Informatics"
[Japanese(PDF 14KB) / English(PDF 20KB)]

Qualifications for making a contribution
  1. Person engaged in research, education, development, operation etc. concerning informatics
  2. Person considered suitable by the editorial committee

Manuscript contributions

Manuscripts eligible for contribution are those that are written in English in one of the following areas of informatics, and that has not previously been published.

  1. Research paper
  2. Survey/tutorial
  3. Case study/field report/technical note
  4. R&D project report

However, manuscripts especially specified by the editorial committee are not bound by the above conditions.

Instructions for preparing manuscripts
  1. Manuscripts must be submitted both as electronic data (file attached to an e-mail, in principle) and in print.
    Acceptable formats of the electronic data are as follows.
    • Text (main body) of manuscript: MS-WORD or PDF
      (When LaTeX is used, follow the LaTeX style file and convert the text to PDF format.)
    • Figures and tables must be reproducible with sufficient quality.
    • The length of the article should be within approximately fifty pages (double column in principle), including figures and tables.
  2. When preparing a manuscript, follow the "Sample and guidelines for preparing articles for the journal Progress in Informatics".
  3. Contributions including voice or video data, and program attachments are also acceptable.

Acceptance or rejection of a paper

The editorial committee will decide on the acceptance or rejection of contributed papers following a review by specialists. In some cases, partial revision or rewriting may be required.

Proofreading by author

In the proofreading by authors, no changes other than corrections of words and phrases are permitted, in principle.

Complimentary offprints

In principle, fifty complimentary offprints will be given per adopted manuscript.


The copyright of the accepted paper belongs to NII as of the date of acceptance.
When reprinting the paper (including posting on a website), the source must be clearly specified.
The accepted paper will be made available to the public through the information services operated by NII, and if necessary, by other organizations. The accepted paper will also appear in print.
For an accepted paper containing voice or video materials, programs, or the like, copyright issues will be separately negotiated between the author and NII.

How to submit a manuscript

As a rule, e-mail the electronically formatted manuscript as a file attached to an e-mail, and mail or bring the printout of the manuscript to the address specified below.

Editorial Committee of the "Progress in Informatics",
National Institute of Informatics,
2-1-2 Hitotsubashi, Chiyoda-ku,
Tokyo, 101-8430 JAPAN
Tel.: +81-3-4212-2145
Fax.: +81-3-4212-2150

Dates of receipt of a manuscript and acceptance of a paper

The date of receipt of a manuscript is the date on which the editorial committee secretariat receives the electronically formatted manuscript (for e-mail, the date on which the editorial committee secretariat receives the contributed manuscript and sends the acknowledgement of receipt). The date of acceptance of a paper is the date on which the editorial committee decides to include the contributed paper in this journal.
The paper will appear with the date of receipt of the manuscript and the date of acceptance of the paper.

Acceptance and publication of a paper

The editorial committee determines the acceptance/rejection of a manuscript, and generally gives the necessary notice within three months after the committee receives the manuscript. Accepted papers are generally published as specified below.

  1. Publication through NII information services
    Directly following completion of the author's proofreading, after the committee has decided to accept the paper.
  2. Publication in print
    Issue appearing in September:
    manuscripts contributed by the end of May.
    Issue appearing in March:
    manuscripts contributed by the end of October.

PDF publication (online distribution) sample of the "Progress in Informatics."

The articles of the physical copy are printed in gray scale unless unless the color printing is demanded by the author and the committee recognizes a necessity to do so for ensuring visibility of the charts, photographs, etc.