International Workshop on Resilience and ICT for Secure Open Cities - ReISOC 2011

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Suggested topics, but not limited to, are:

(a) Autonomic and Dependable Computing

- Methods and Techniques for Self-Configuration, Self-Healing, Self-Protecting, etc.

- Distributed Systems and Agents

- Flexible and Secure Orchestration of ICT Services

- Trustworthy Organic Computing

(b) Risk and Vulnerability Analysis

- Identification of Vulnerabilities in Service-Oriented Computing

- Anomaly Detection

- Risk Assessment Methods for Automated Business/Service Processes

- Economics of Controls

(c) Policy Specification Models and Languages

- Matching of High-Level Policies with Security-related Execution Traces

- Automatic Identification of Conflicts between Policies

- Automatic Resolution of Policy Conflicts

(d) Policy Enforcement Mechanisms

- Algorithms to Forecast Vulnerabilities

- Digital Forensics

- Privacy in the Secondary Use of Personal Data

- Observability of Control and Data Flows

(e) Methods for Resilience & Best Practices

- Recovery-oriented Computing

- Resilience in the Internet

- Resilience in Cryptographic and Communications Protocols

- Business Continuity Plan and Business Continuity Management

2011-06-10: Submission Deadline

2011-06-24: Submission Deadline (extended)

2011-07-18: Author Notification

2011-08-26: Author Registration/Camera-ready Version

2011-10-19: ReISOC-2011 at IEEE CPSCom 2011 Conference

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Download CfPs of ReISOC (PDF, TXT) and CPSCom (PDF, TXT).

The conference takes place in Dalian (China).

JEISec, the organizing institute, is operating in Tokyo (Japan).