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International Workshop on Resilience and ICT for Secure Open Cities - ReISOC 2011

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Threats to cities and their critical/social infrastructures, e.g. natural disasters, crime, and terrorism, endanger human life directly and indirectly. Parts of social infrastructures won't be available due to damages. Both emergency response and recovery activities will be hindered, if not even be impossible. Resilience is gaining in importance as a core concept to cope with such threats. Resilience means strengthening social infrastructures to prevent or mitigate threats and its ultimate level would be immunity to such threats. Resilience is not only understood in terms of resistance against attacks and threats (i.e. prevent and protect) but also in terms of the ability to adapt social infrastructures to deal with threats and attacks (i.e. respond and recover).

Information and communication infrastructure (ICT) in its vital role to enable communication and coordination is the primary part of social infrastructures and therefore one of the central objects of resilience research. When a threat becomes a reality, ICT still has to provide its services to rescue organizations and for catastrophe management. To ensure availability of ICT for affected social infrastructures, these ICT systems must be able to flexibly - or even autonomously - adapt to changing environments. Such flexibility implies granting access to services and data to an "outsider" and thereby making him or her an "insider" of the failed part of the affected social infrastructures. This opens an enormous potential of misuse and place challenges on security and privacy. For instance, controllability of data usage by the data owner is not given anymore leading to risks regarding confidentiality and integrity.


2011-06-10: Submission Deadline

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2011-10-19: ReISOC-2011 at IEEE CPSCom 2011 Conference

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Download CfPs of ReISOC (PDF, TXT) and CPSCom (PDF, TXT).

The conference takes place in Dalian (China).

JEISec, the organizing institute, is operating in Tokyo (Japan).