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NiiToday No.39NiiToday
NII SPECIAL: Information and Human Society
The Great East Japan Earthquake exposed the dramatic changes that Japanese media environment underwent. Changes in media environment directly bring about changes in society. However, although the prosperity of new media is visible, its effects on human society may not be readily evident. We conducted interviews with social scientists examining this point.
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Ph.D.Program in Informatics
Applications forPh.D. Program
Postgraduate Education
NII provides graduate education under the three main forms in its efforts to train leading researchers capable of combining a broad view with advanced specialization. Students develop the ability to address challenges by capitalizing on NII's unique strengths, including comprehensive informatics research systems and a practical environment in which theoretical research and practical development are combined.
Department of Informatics, The Graduate University for Advanced Studies
NII joined the Graduate University for Advanced Studies and established the Department of Informatics to provide graduate education (5-year and 3year Ph.D. programs).
The National Institute of Informatics in its role as the Department of Informatics in Sokendai undertakes the role of training and teaching at the NII in Chiyoda-ku, which is in central Tokyo.
Cooperation with Graduate Universities
NII actively cooperates with the graduate university of Tokyo and Tokyo Institute of Technology and also accepts graduate students from these institutions for additional instruction.
Special Collaboration with Research Students
NII accepts students from other universities as research students in special collaborative projects, fostering both research and education.
Research Cooperation
The support programs for researchers are available.
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