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Yahoo! Dataset

Dataset that NII received from Yahoo Japan Corporation (web page in Japanese) and provides to researchers.

Application for use of "Yahoo! Chiebukuro data (2nd edition)" has been closed on Oct. 31, 2018. Provision of "Yahoo! Chiebukuro data (3rd edition)" will be anounced on this page as soon as it will become available.

update: 2018-10-31

"Yahoo! Chiebukuro" Data

"Yahoo! Chiebukuro" (web page in Japanese) is the largest knowledge retrieval service in Japan, and the Yahoo Japan Corporation has been providing this service since April 2004. Their aim is to connect people who want to question and those who want to answer, and the sharing of wisdom and knowledge among the participants.

The "Yahoo! Chiebukuro" data is distributed to researchers from the National Institute of Informatics based on a contract with the Yahoo Japan Corporation.