NII Technical Report (NII-2016-002E)

Title ArtViz: A Web Platform for Artist Data Visualization and Exploration.
Authors Oana Balaceanu, Hideaki Takeda
Abstract Browsing through the available data nowadays can be a difficult task for the unexperienced users. Every day, the Internet is flooded by unstructured information that sometimes needs time to be extracted and analyzed. When it comes to art data, there arenít any concrete sources that offer consistent information about artists in an interactive way. In this paper we describe the prototype of ArtViz, a web platform that displays art linked data to unexperienced users and helps them discover new information through interactive visualization. Furthermore we will present additional useful features like natural language querying or recommending similar entities (artists).
Language English
Published Feb 22, 2016
Pages 10p
PDF File 16-002E.pdf

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