NII Technical Report (NII-2004-007E)

Title Annotation of Biomedical Texts for Zone Analysis
Authors Yoko Mizuta, Tony Mullen, Nigel Collier
Abstract This document provides the framework of the annotation scheme of biomedical texts for zone analysis (ZA, Mizuta and Collier 2004a, 2004b) in the hope that this annotation scheme will be useful for enabling improved access to information contained in biomedical texts. It is intended to serve as a set of guidelines for building annotated corpora for ZA and is neutral to the mark-up language/tool to be used. We briefly introduce our set of zones and describe the procedure for the annotation task. In the Appendices, we provide practical knowledge about the annotation task in terms of solutions to controversial cases, and a sample of annotated full text accompanied by notes. We also provide the information about our dataset of 20 full text articles from four major online journals in the biological domain (i.e. EMBO, PNAS, NAR, and JCB).
Language English
Published Oct 5, 2004
Pages 18p
PDF File 04-007E.pdf

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