NII Technical Report (NII-2003-006E)

Title Efficient Computation of Power Indices for Weighted Majority Games
Authors Takeaki Uno
Abstract Power indices of weighted majority games are measures of the effects of parties on the voting in a council. Among the many kinds of power indices, Banzhaf index, Shapley-Shubik index and Deegan-Packel index have been studied well. For computing these power indices, dynamic programming algorithms had been proposed. The time complexities of these algorithms are O(n^2q), O(n^3q), and O(n^4q), respectively. We propose new algorithms for computing power indices, whose time complexities are O(nq), O(n^2q), and O(n^2q), respectively.
Language English
Published Jul 11, 2003
Pages 10p
PDF File 03-006E.pdf

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