NII Technical Report (NII-2002-005E)

Title Proposal of the extension network model for personal human network by using neighborhood matchmaker
Authors Masahiro Hamasaki and Hideaki Takeda
Abstract In this paper, we propose the neighborhood matchmaker model as a network extension model for personal human network. Personal human network is useful for information gathering, but in order to adapt various needs for information gathering, it is necessary to extend and optimize it. Using the neighborhood matchmaker model, we can increase a new friend who is expected to share interests via all own neighborhoods on the personal human network. Iteration of matchmaking is used to optimize personal human networks. We simulate the neighborhood matchmaker model with the real data and the virtual data and compare the results by our model with those by the central server model. The neighborhood matchmaker model can reach almost the same results obtained by the sever model with each type of data.
Language English
Published Oct 23, 2002
Pages 9p
PDF File 02-005E.pdf

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