Current IRs
Current IRs
Current IRs in Japan
  1. Hokkaido University: HUSCAP: Hokkaido University Collection of Scholarly and Academic Papers / EPrint Series of Department of Mathematics
  2. Hokkaido University of Education: Hokkaido University of Education Repository (Japanese)
  3. Muroran Institute of Technology: MuroranIT Academic Resource Archive (Japanese)
  4. Otaru University of Commerce: Barrel : Otaru University of Commerce Academic Collections
  5. Obihiro University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine: Obihiro University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine Academic Repository (Japanese)
  6. Kitami Institute of Technology: KIT-R : Kitami Institute of Technology Repository (Japanese)
  7. Asahikawa Medical College: AMCoR : Asahikawa Medical College Repository
  8. Hirosaki University: Hirosaki University Repository for Academic Resources (Japanese)
  9. Iwate University: Iwate University Repository (Japanese)
  10. Tohoku University: TOUR : Tohoku University Repository
  11. Miyagi University of Education: Miyagi University of Education Repository
  12. Akita University: AIR : Akita University Institutional Repository System
  13. Yamagata University: YOU Campus Repository
  14. Fukushima University: FUKURO : FUKushima University RepOsitory (Japanese)
  15. Ibaraki University: ROSE Repository Ibaraki
  16. University of Tsukuba: Tulips-R (Japanese)
  17. National University Corporation Tsukuba University of Technology: NTUT Repository (Japanese)
  18. Utsunomiya University: Utsunomiya University Academic Information Repository (Japanese)
  19. Saitama University: Saitama United Cyber Repository of Academic Resources (Japanese)
  20. Chiba University: CURATOR
  21. The University of Tokyo: UT Repository
  22. Tokyo Medical and Dental University: Tokyo Medical and Dental University Institutional Repository
  23. Tokyo University of Foreign Studies: Prometheus-Academic Collections
  24. Tokyo Gakugei University: ETOPIA
  25. Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology: Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology Repository (Japanese)
  26. Tokyo University of Arts: Tokyo University of Arts Repository
  27. Tokyo Institute of Technology : Tokyo Tech Research Repository (Japanese)
  28. Ochanomizu University: TeaPot : Ochanomizu University Web Library Institutional Repository
  29. The University of Electro-Communications: C-RECS
  30. Hitotsubashi University: HERMES-IR (Hitotsubashi University Repository)
  31. Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technoloty: TUMSAT-OACIS (Japanese)
  32. Yokohama National University: Yokohama National University Repository (Japanese)
  33. The Graduate University for Advanced Studies: SOKENDAl Repository
  34. Niigata University: Nuar : Niigata University Academic Repository
  35. Nagaoka University of Technology: Nagaoka University of Technology Repository
  36. Joetsu University of Education: Joetsu University of Education Repository
  37. University of Toyama: University of Toyama Repository (Japanese)
  38. Kanazawa University: KURA :Kanazawa University Repository for Academic Resources (Japanese)
  39. Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology: JAIST Repository
  40. University of Fukui: University of Fukui Repository (Japanese)
  41. University of Yamanashi: UNIVERSITY OF YAMANASHI ACADEMIC REPOSITORY (Japanese)
  42. Shinshu University: SOAR-IR : Shinshu University Online System of General Academic Resources (Japanese)
  43. Gifu University: Gifu University Institutional Repository
  44. Shizuoka University: SURE : Shizuoka University Repository
  45. Hamamatsu University School of Medicine: HamaMed-Repository (Japanese)
  46. Nagoya University: Nagoya Repository (Japanese)
  47. Toyohashi University of Technology: Toyohashi University of Technology Academic Institutional Repository (Japanese)
  48. Aichi University of Education: Aichi University of Education Academic Information Repository
  49. Nagoya Institute of Technology: Nagoya Institute of Technology Repository System
  50. Mie University: MIUSE :Mie University Scholarly E-collections
  51. Shiga University Shiga University Repository (Japanese)
  52. Shiga University of Medical Science: Shiga Univ. of Medical Science Open Repository (Japanese)
  53. Kyoto University: Kyoto University Research Information Repository (Japanese)
  54. Kyoto University of Education: KUERe: Kyoto University of Education Repository (Japanese)
  55. Kyoto Institute of Technology: KIT Academic Repositor (Japanese)
  56. Osaka University: OUKA
  57. Osaka Kyoiku University: Osaka Kyoiku University Repository (Japanese)
  58. Kobe University: Kernel :Kobe University Repository
  59. Hyogo University of Teacher Education: HEART:Hyokyo Educational Academic Resources for Teachers (Japanese)
  60. Nara University of Education: Nara University of Education Academic Repository
  61. Nara Women's University: Nara Women's University Digital Information Repository (Japanese)
  62. Nara Institute of Science and Technology: naistar :NAIST Academic Repository (Japanese)
  63. Wakayama University: Wakayama University Scientific Archivement Repository
  64. Tottori University: Tottori University research result repository (Japanese)
  65. Shimane University: SWAN :Shimane University Web Archives of kNowledge (Japanese)
  66. Okayama University: Okayama University Scientific Achievement Repository
  67. Hiroshima University: HiR :Hiroshima University Institutional Repository
  68. Yamaguchi University: YUNOCA :Yamaguchi University Navigator for Open access Collection and Archives
  69. University of Tokushima: Tokushima University Institutional Repository
  70. Naruto University of Education: Naruto University of Education research result Repository
  71. Kagawa University: Open Library Archives of Kagawa University
  72. Kochi University: KUD!RA : Kochi University Digital Repository for Academic Resources (Japanese)
  73. Fukuoka University of Education: Fukuoka University of Education Reserch Information Repository (Japanese)
  74. Kyushu University: Kyushu University Institutinal Repository
  75. Kyushu Institute of Technology: Kyushu Institute of Technology Academic Repository (Japanese)
  76. Saga University: Saga University Institutional Repository
  77. Nagasaki University: NAOSITE :Nagasaki University's Academic Output SITE
  78. Kumamoto University: Kumamoto University Repository
  79. Oita University: Oita University Institutional Repository : OUR (Japanese)
  80. University of Miyazaki: University of Miyazaki Repository (Japanese)
  81. Kagoshima University: Kagoshima University Repository
  82. National Institute of Fitness and Sports in Kanoya: National Institute of Fitness and Sports in Kanoya Repository
  83. University of the Ryukyus: University of the Ryukyus Repository
  84. Sapporo Medical University: sapporo medical university information and knowledge repository (Japanese)
  85. Future University Hakodate: Future University Hakodate Academic Archive
  86. Nayoro City University: Nayoro City University Institutional Repository (Japanese)
  87. Aomori Public University: Aomori Public University Repository
  88. Aomori University of Health and Welfare: Aomori University of Health and Welfare Repository (Japanese)
  89. Akita Prefectural University: Akita Prefectural University Repository
  90. Fukushima Medical University: Fukushima Medical University Repository
  91. University of Aizu: University of Aizu Repository for Academic Resources
  92. Takasaki City University of Economics: Takasaki City University of Economics Repository
  93. Tokyo Metropolitan University: Tokyo Metropolitan University Institutional Repository
  94. Yokohama City University: Yokohama City University Repository
  95. Niigata College of Nursing: Niigata College of Nursing Repository : NICONURS (Japanese)
  96. Tsuru University: Tsuru Repository of Academic Institutional Library
  97. Nagano College of Nursing: Nagano College of Nursing Repository (Japanese)
  98. Gifu Pharmaceutical University: Gifu Pharmaceutical University Research Information Repository
  99. Shizuoka University of Art and Culture: Shizuoka University of Art and Culture Academic Repository
  100. Aichi Prefectural University: Aichi Prefectural University Academic Repository
  101. Nagoya City University: Nagoya City University Academic Repository (Japanese)
  102. The University of Shiga Prefecture: The University of Shiga Prefecture Repository
  103. Kyoto Prefectural University: Kyoto Prefectural University Repository
  104. Osaka City University: Osaka City University Repository
  105. Osaka Prefecture University: Osaka Prefecture University Repository (Japanese)
  106. Kobe City University of Foreign Studies: Kobe City University of Foreign Studies Repository (Japanese)
  107. Kobe City College of Nursing: Kobe City College of Nursing Repository
  108. University of Hyogo: University of Hyogo Academic Repository
  109. Nara Medical University: GINMU :Global Institutional repository of Nara Medical University (Japanese)
  110. The University of Shimane: University of Shimane Academic and Global Institution repository
  111. Okayama Prefectural University: Okayama Prefectural University ePublications Repository
  112. Niimi College: Niimi College Repository
  113. Kochi University of Technology: Kochi University of Technology Academic Resource Repository (Japanese)
  114. University of Kitakyushu: Repository of University of Kitakyushu Stacked by Original Resources : RUKSOR (Japanese)
  115. University of Nagasaki: Repository of the University of Nagasaki (Japanese)
  116. MIyazaki Municiple University: MMU Repository of Academic Resources
  117. Miyazaki Prefectural Nursing University: MPNU Repository
  118. Sapporo University: Sapporo University Academic Repository (Japanese)
  119. Sapporo Gakuin University: Sapporo Gakuin University Repository (Japanese)
  120. Hokkai Gakuen University: Hokkai-Gakuen Organization of Knowledge Ubiquitous through Gaining Archives. (Japanese)
  121. Hokkaido University of Science: Hokkaido University of Science Institutional Repository
  122. Rakuno Gakuen University: Rakuno Gakuen University Collected Literature in Organized and Valuable Electronic Repository (Japanese)
  123. Health Sciences University of Hokkaido: Health Sciences University of Hokkaido Academic Repository
  124. Tenshi College: Tenshi College Repository
  125. Wakkanai Hokusei Gakuen University: Wakkanai Hokusei Gakuen University Repository (Japanese)
  126. Hachinohe Institute of Technology: Hachinohe Institute of Technology Repository (Japanese)
  127. Hachinohe Gakuin University and Hachinohe Gakuin Junior College: Hachinohe University and Hachinohe Junior College Institutional Repository (Japanese)
  128. Iwate Medical University: Iwate Medical University Repository
  129. Tohoku Gakuin University: Tohoku Gakuin University Repository for Academic Information
  130. Tohoku Pharmaceutical University: TOHOKU PHARMACEUTICAL UNIVERSITY Academic Repository
  131. Tohoku Bunka Gakuen University: Tohoku Bunka Gakuen University Repository
  132. Ohu University: Ohu University Repository
  133. Ibaraki Christian University: Ibaraki Christian University Academic Repository
  134. Jichi Medical University: Jichi Medical University Repository (Japanese)
  135. International University of Health and Welfare: IUHW Repository (Japanese)
  136. Josai University: JURA :Josai University Repository of Academia
  137. Meikai University: Meikai University Repository
  138. Dokkyo University: Dokkyo University Academic Repository
  139. Seigakuin University: SERVE (Japanese)
  140. Urawa University: Urawa University Repository
  141. Chiba Institute of Technology: Chiba Institute of Technology Repository
  142. Reitaku University: Reitaku University Academic Repository (Japanese)
  143. Wayo Women's University: Wayo Women's University Repository
  144. The Open University of Japan: The Open University of Japan Repository
  145. International Budo University: INTERNATIONAL BUDO UNIVERSITY Institutional Repository
  146. Kanda University of International Studies: asKUIS: Academic and Scholarly Repository of KUIS
  147. Teikyo Heisei University: Teikyo Heisei University Repository
  148. Tokyo University of Information Sciences: TUIS Academic Repository
  149. Edogawa University: Edogawa University Repository
  150. Josai Internationl University: Josai Internationl University Repository
  151. Chiba Institute of Science: Academic Repository of Chiba Institute of Science
  152. Aoyama Gakuin University: Aoyama Gakuin University & Women's Junior College Institutional Repository AURORA-IR (Japanese)
  153. Asia University: Asia University Academic Repository (AUAR) (Japanese)
  154. Otsuma Women's University: Otsuma Women's University Repository (Japanese)
  155. Gakushuin University: Gakushuin Repository (Japanese)
  156. Kyoritsu Women's University & Junior College: KWU Repository (Japanese)
  157. Keio University: KOARA :KeiO Academic Resource Archive (Japanese) / ΣStar (Faculty of Science and Technology archives , Keio University) (Japanese)
  158. International Christian University: International Christian University Repository
  159. Kokushikan University: Kokushikan Knowledge Integrated Service System (Japanese)
  160. Komazawa University: Komazawa University Institutional Repository (Japanese)
  161. Jissen Women's Educational Institute: Jissen Women's University institutional repository
  162. Juntendo University: JAIR: Juntendo Academic Information Repository
  163. Sophia University: Sophia University Repository for Academic Resources
  164. Showa Pharmaceutical University: Showa Pharmaceutical University Repository
  165. Kagawa Nutrition University: Kagawa Nutrition University Institutional Repository
  166. Seikei University: Seikei University Repository
  167. Seijo University: Seijo University Repository (Japanese)
  168. University of the Sacred Heart: University of the Sacred Heart Academic Repository
  169. Seisen University: Seisen University Institutional Repository
  170. St. Luke's College of Nursing: St. Luke's College of Nursing Repository
  171. Senshu University: Senshu University Institutional Repository : SI-Box (Japanese)
  172. Taisho University: Taisho University Institutional Repository
  173. Daito Bunka University: Daito Bunka University Repository
  174. Tamagawa University: Tamagawa University Academic Repository
  175. Chuo University: Chuo University Academic Information Repository(Japanese)
  176. Tsuda College: Tsuda College Academic Repository
  177. Tokai University: Tokai University Institutional Repository
  178. Tokyo Midical University: Tokyo Midical University Institutional Repository (Japanese)
  179. Tokyo Kasei University: Tokyo Kasei University Institutional Repository
  180. Tokyo Keizai University: Tokyo Keizai University Institutional Repository
  181. Tokyo Dental College: IRUCAA@TDC
  182. The Jikei University School of Medicine: The Academic Repository, The Jikei University School of Medicine
  183. Tokyo Woman's Christian University: Tokyo Woman's Christian University Academic Repository (Japanese)
  184. Tokyo Women's Medical University: Tokyo Women's Medical University-Information & Knowledge Database
  185. Tokyo University of Agriculture: Tokyo University of Agriculture Repository
  186. Tokyo University of Science: Tokyo University of Science Repository for Academic Resources
  187. Toho University: Toho University Academic Repository
  188. Toyo University: Toyo University Repository (Japanese)
  189. Nihon University: Nihon University Repository
  190. The Nippon Dental University: The Nippon Dental University Repositoy
  191. Japan College of Social Work: Japan College of Social Work Repository
  192. Nippon Veterinary and Life Science University: Nippon Verterinary and Life Science University Repository
  193. Japan Women’s University: Japan Women’s University Institutional Repository
  194. Nippon Sport Science University: NITTAIDAI Repository (Japanese)
  195. Japan Lutheran College: Japan Lutheran College & Theological Seminary Institutional Repository (Japanese)
  196. Bunka Gakuen University: Academic Repository of BUNKA GAKUEN (Japanese)
  197. Hosei University: Hosei University Repository (Japanese)
  198. Musashi University: Musashi University Institutional Repository (Japanese)
  199. Meiji University: Meiji Repository :Meiji University Academic Repository
  200. Meiji Gakuin University: Meiji Gakuin University Institutional Repository (Japanese)
  201. Meisei University: Meisei University Academic Institutional Repository
  202. Rikkyo University: Rikkyo University Repository (Japanese)
  203. Rissho University: RISSHO University's Institutional Repository
  204. Wako University: Wako University Repository (Japanese)
  205. Waseda University: DSpace at Waseda University (Japanese)
  206. Soka University: Soka University Repository (Japanese)
  207. Tama University: Tama University Institutional Repository
  208. International College for Postgraduate Buddhist Studies: ICPBS Digital Cllections
  209. Azabu University: Azabu University Science Information Repository
  210. Kanagawa University: KANAGAWA UNIVERSITY Repository
  211. Kanto Gakuin University: Kanto Gakuin University Repository
  212. Sagami Women's University: Sagami Women's University Repository
  213. Ferris University: Ferris Academic Intelligence Repository
  214. Kanagawa Institute of Technology: DSpace at kanagawa Institute of Technology (Japanese)
  215. Toyo Eiwa University: Toyo Eiwa University Repository (Japanese)
  216. Den-en Chofu University: Den-en Chofu University Repository for Academic Resources
  217. Shiraume Gakuen University & College: Shiraume Gakuen University & College Repository
  218. Hosen College of Childhood Education: Hosen Repository
  219. Niigata University of International and Information Studies: Niigata University of International and Information Studies Repository
  220. Hokuriku University: Hokuriku University Institutional Repository
  221. Yamanashi Gakuin University: Yamanashi Gakuin Repository
  222. Nagano University: Nagano University Repository (Japanese)
  223. Matsumoto Dental University: Matsumoto Dental University Repository (Japanese)
  224. Matsumoto University: Matsumoto University Repository (Japanese)
  225. Seisen Jogakuin College: Seisen Jogakuin Repository (Japanese)
  226. Saku University: Saku University Institutional Repository (Japanese)
  227. Gifu Keizai University: Gifu Keizai University Institutional Repository
  228. Asahi University: ASAHI UNIVERSITY Institute Repository (Japanese)
  229. Chubu Gakuin University: Chubu Gakuin University Repository
  230. Seirei Christpher University: Seirei Christpher University Repository (Japanese)
  231. Aichi University: Aichi University Repository (Japanese)
  232. Aichi Gakuin University: Aichi Gakuin University Academic Bulletin Database (Japanese)
  233. Aichi Institute of Technology: Aichi Institute of Technology Repository
  234. Kinjo Gakuin University: Kinjo Gakuin University Repository (Japanese)
  235. Sugiyama jogakuen University: Sugiyama jogakuen University Academic Repository
  236. Chukyo University: Chukyo University Repository for Academic Resources
  237. Chubu University: Chubu University Digital Archives
  238. Nagoya Gakuin University: Nagoya Gakuin University Repository (Japanese)
  239. Fujita Health University: Fujita Health University Academic Information Repository
  240. Nanzan University: Nanzan University Repository
  241. Aichi Shukutoku University: Aichi Shukutoku knowledge Archive Repository
  242. Nagoya University of Foreign Studies/Nagoya University of Arts and Sciences: TAKENOKO:Institutional Repository
  243. Tokaigakuen University: Tokaigakuen University Repository
  244. Toyohashi Sozo University: SOZO Academic Information Repository
  245. Nagoya Sangyo University & Nagoya Management Junior College:Nagoya Sangyo University & Nagoya Management Junior College Library Repository
  246. University of Human Environments: University of Human Environments Repository
  247. Japanese Red Cross Toyota College of Nursing: Repository of Japanese Red Cross Toyota College of Nursing
  248. Nagahama Institute of Bio-Science and Technology: Nagahama Institute of Bio-Science and Technology Repository
  249. Biwako Seikei Sport College: Biwako Seikei Sport College Repository :Ohmi
  250. Kyoto Sangyo University: Kyoto Sangyo University Academic Repository
  251. Kyoto Women's University: Kyoto Women's University Academic Information Repository
  252. Kyoto Koka Women's University: Kyoto Koka Women's University Repository
  253. Kyoto Tachibana University: Kyoto Tachibana University Academic Repository
  254. Doshisha University: Doshisha University Academic Repository
  255. Doshisha Women's College of Liberal Arts: DWCLA Academic Repository (Japanese)
  256. Kyoto Notre Dame University: Kyoto Notre Dame University Academic Repository (Japanese)
  257. Bukkyo University: Bukkyo University Academic Knowledge & E-resources Repository: BAKER
  258. Ritsumeikan University & Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University: R- Cube
  259. Ryukoku University: Ryukoku University Institutional Repository
  260. Kyoto University of Art and Design: Kyoto University of Art and Design Repository
  261. Osaka Gakuin University: Osaka Gakuin University Repository
  262. Osaka Shoin Women's University: Osaka Shoin Women's University Repository (Japanese)
  263. Osaka Electro-Communication University: Osaka Electro-Communication University Repository
  264. Otemon Gakuin University : Otemon Gakuin University Institutional Repository (Japanese)
  265. Kansai University: Kansai University Institutional Repository (Japanese)
  266. Kinki University: Kinki University Academic Resource Repository (Japanese)
  267. Soai University: SOAI Open Access Repository of Archives (Japanese)
  268. Hannan University :Hannan University Academic Institutional Repository
  269. Momoyamagakuin University: St.Andrew's University Repository System (STARS)
  270. Setsunan University: Setsunan University Academic Repository
  271. Osaka International University Osaka International College: Osaka International University Osaka International College Repository
  272. Kansai University of Welfare Sciences: Kansai University of Welfare Sciences Repository (Japanese)
  273. Osaka Jogakuin College: Osaka Jogakuin Research Repository
  274. Osaka Aoyama University: Osaka Aoyama University Repository (Japanese)
  275. Otemae University & Otemae College: Otemae University & Otemae College Repository
  276. Kwansei Gakuin University: KGUR :Kwansei Gakuin University Repository (Japanese)
  277. Konan University: Konan University Academic Database
  278. Konan Women's University: Konan Women's University Academic Repository (Japanese)
  279. Kobe Pharmaceutical University: Kobe Pharmaceutical University Repository
  280. Kobe Shoin Women's University: Knowledge and Academic Resource Archive of the Kobe Shoin Women's University Institutional Data Network (Japanese)
  281. Mukogawa Women's University: Mukogawa Women's University Repository (Japanese)
  282. University of Marketing and Distribution Sciences : University of Marketing and Distribution Sciences Repository (Japanese)
  283. Kobe Design University: Kobe Design University Repository (Japanese)
  284. Kansai University of Social Welfare: Kansai University of Social Welfare Repository (Japanese)
  285. Kansai University of International Studies: KUIS-MAPS
  286. Kobe University of Welfare: Kobe University of Welfare Institutional Repository
  287. Tenri University: Tenri University Academic Repository
  288. Nara University: Nara University Repository (Japanese)
  289. Okayama University of Science: Academic Reository of Okayama University of Science(AROUS)
  290. Kawasaki Medical School: Kawasaki Medical School Institutional Repository
  291. Shujitsu University / Shujitsu Junior College: Shujitsu Digital Information Repository (Japanese)
  292. Kawasaki University of Medical Welfare: Kawasaki University of Medical Welfare Institutional Repository
  293. Kurashiki University of Science and the Arts: Kurashiki University of Science and the Arts Repository
  294. Chugoku Gakuen University / Chugoku Junior College: Chugoku gakuen Repository (Japanese)
  295. International Pacific University: OCEAN: Open-access Collection and Electronic Archives for academic Navigator (Japanese)
  296. Hioroshima Shudo University: Hioroshima Shudo University Repository (Japanese)
  297. Yasuda Women's University: Yasuda Women's University Repository
  298. Fukuyama University: Fukuyama University Repository (Japanese)
  299. Matsuyama University: Matsuyama University Repository
  300. Kyushu Sangyo University: Kyushu Sangyo University Library Institutional Repository
  301. Kurume University: Kurume University Digital Archives Repository
  302. Kurume University: Kurume University Institutional Repository
  303. Japan University of Economics: Japan University of Economics Repository (Japanese)
  304. Daiichi University of Pharmacy: Daiichi University of Pharmacy Institutional Repository
  305. Nakamura Gakuen University: Nakamura Gakuen University Repository (Japanese)
  306. Fukuoka Dental College: Fukuoka Dental College Academic Repository
  307. The Japanese Red Cross Kyushu International College of Nursing: The Japanese Red Cross Kyushu International College of Nursing Repository (Japanese)
  308. Nagasaki Institute of Applied Science Institution: NiAS_Repo
  309. Sojo University: Sojo University Repository
  311. Kyushu Lutheran Collage: Kyushu Lutheran Collage Repository (Japanese)
  312. Kyushu University of Nursing and Social Welfare: Kyushu University of Nursing and Social Welfare Institutional Repository
  313. Beppu University: Beppu University Information Library for Documentation (Japanese) / Beppu University and Oita Regional Society Co-Operation (Japanese)
  314. Miyazaki International College & Miyazaki Gakuen Junior College: MEI Library Academic Repository (Japanese)
  315. International University of Kagoshima: International University of Kagoshima Repository
  316. Kagoshima JUNSHIN University: Kagoshima JUNSHIN University Repository (Japanese)
  317. Okinawa International University: Okinawa International University Repository
  318. Nagano Prefectual College: Nagano Prefectual College Repository (Japanese)
  319. Iida Women's Junior College: Iida Women's Junior College Repository (Japanese)
  320. Nagano Women's Junior College: Nagano Women's Junior College Repository (Japanese)
  321. Ueda Women's Junior College: Ueda Women's Junior College Repository (Japanese)
  322. Matsumoto Junior College: Matsumoto Junior College Repository (Japanese)
  323. Shinshu Honan Junior College: Shinshu Honan Junior College Repository (Japanese)
  324. Kansai Women's College: Kansai Women's College Repository (Japanese)
  325. Kagoshima Women's Junior College: Kagoshima Women's Junior College Repository
  326. Nagano National College of Technology: Repository of NNCT (Nagano National College of Technology) (Japanese)
  327. TSUYAMA National College of technology: TNCT-Repository (Japanese)
  328. Institute of Statistical Mathematics: Repository of the Institute of Statistical Mathematics (RISM)
  329. National Institute for Fusion Science: NIFS Repository (Japanese)
  330. International Research Center for Japanese Studies: Nichibunken repository
  331. National Museum of Ethnology: MINPAKU Repository
  332. Toyo Bunko (The Oriental Library): Toyo Bunko Repository ERNEST
  333. Japan Atomic Energy Agency: JOPSS:JAEA Originated Papers Searching System
  334. National Women's Education Center: National Women's Education Center of Japan Repository
  335. Institute of Developing Economies, Japan External Trade Organization: ARRIDE :Academic Research Repository at the Institute of Developing Economies
  336. Advanced Industrial Science and Technology: AIST Repository (Japanese) / AIST Information Technology Research Institute(ITRI) Repository
  337. Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency: JAXA Repository
  338. Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology: JAMSTEC Repository
  339. Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology: Earth Simulator Research Results Repository
  340. National Institutes for Cultural Heritage Nara National Reserch Institute for Cultural Properties: Reserch Information Repository (Japanese)
  341. JICA library: JICA-RI Repository
  342. Japanese Red Cross Society: Japanese Red Cross Society Repository (Japanese)
  343. The Institute for Science of Labour: Rouken Digital Archive (Japanese)
  344. Insitutional Repository : the National University in Kyushu. Education and Humanities (Japanese)
  345. National Institution for Academic Degrees and University Evaluation: National Institution for Academic Degrees and University Evaluation Repository (Japanese)
  346. Kochi Rehabilitation Institute: Kochi Rehabilitation Institute Repository (Japanese)
  347. Hirosaki Regional Repository
  348. Academic Knowledge Archives of Gunma Institutes
  349. Niigata Regional Repository: NiRR
  350. Community Repository of Fukui: CRFukui (Japanese)
  351. Repository of Shinshu (Japanese)
  352. Okayama Academic Information Repository: O-AIR (Japanese)
  353. Hiroshima Associated Repository Portal: HARP
  354. Yamaguchi prefecture area Scholarly Hoop of Integrated Navigator (Japanese)
  355. Institutional Repository : the EHIME area: IYOKAN
  356. Kagoshima Academic Repsitory Network: KARN
  357. Okinawa Repository Integrated Open-Access Network: ORION
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