About Us
About Us
Project outline

Universities and NII jointly work for various scholarly contents to realize the next generation scholarly content infrastructure. Institutional repositories are to serve for acquiring, organizing, preserving, and disseminating such scholarly information. They are a set of services by academic institutions for their academic communities to manage and publish digital contents they create.
To amplify the current content services and develop the next generation scholarly content infrastructure, NII supports for universities in Japan to introduce and operate institutional repositories.
NII conducted a pilot project with 19 universities in 2005 ; in 2006, NII entrusted a full-fledged project of IR promotion to 57 universities selected among 77 applicants; and in 2007, the project was extended with additional 13 universities.

Concept of IR
Concept of IR
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Organization for Scientific Resources Operations and Coordination
Aim: To develop the cyberscience infrastructure in Japan,the organization for scientific resources operations and coordination is responsible in policy making and operation of securing scholarly information and providing academic services acquisition and preservation.
Library Liaison Working Committee
-The next generation catalog working group
-Institutional repositories working group
      >>Planning of the IR support project
Scholarly and Academic Information Division
-Implementation of the project
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Project overview
Entrusted projects
2004 The experimental project "Implementation of IR software" with 6 universities
Collaborative projects
2005 The pilot project "introduction and operation of IR" commissioned to 19 universities
2006-2007 The full-fledged project
    2 Objectives
        - Nationwide development of institutional repositories
        - Innovative research and development
    2 Project areas
        - Area 1 : Construction and operation of IR. 57 universities in 2006,70 in 2007
        - Area 2 : Innovative research and development. 22 projects in 2006,14 projects in 2007
2008-2009 The full-fledged project
    2 Objectives
        - Nationwide development of institutional repositories
        - Development of cutting-edge technologies
    2 Project areas
        - Area 1 : Further expanding IRs and creating content. 68 institutions in 200874 in 2009
        - Area 2 : Building new services through collaboration among IRs. 21 projects
Support for digital content acquisition
Articles published in departmental journals(metadata and full-text PDF)
comprehensive copyright permission for articles in academic society journals in Japan to be published from IR(Japanese)
Collaboration with SPARC Japan partner journals
System Cooperation
Defining standard metadata format junii2(Japanese)PDF
Developing and Providing IRs portal JAIRO : Japanese Institutional Repositories Online
Support for Collaboration
Academic Portal Training Course
CSI Conference
NII Open House Workshop
Support for DRF(Japanese)
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