SPARC Japan NewsLetter No.12 コンテンツ特集記事トピックス活動報告
Feature Article 1
Feature Article 2

SPARC Japan: The First Years
Takashi Oba

The writer looks back at SPARC Japan’s work in the first few years after it started in 2003, reflects on the state of scholarly communication in Japan during that time, and considers the infrastructure that will be needed in the future.

The Present State of Library Consortia
Makoto Nakamoto

On April 1, 2011, JUSTICE, one of the world’s largest alliances of library consortia, came into being in Japan. This report explains the reasons for the formation of consortia, their role, and their future outlook.
Activity Reports

Japan’s Scholarly Journals
Part 11. The Zoological Society of Japan Yuko Nagai

In this series, academic societies discuss their journals’ present status and future prospects, among other topics.

Report from Event Participant/ Takanori Hayashi
Event Calendar

A participant’s report on a workshop in the 2nd SPARC Japan Seminar 2011 and an announcement on a workshop co-organized by Project Euclid and the Mathematical Society of Japan, and supported by SPARC Japan.