SPARC Japan NewsLetter No.10 コンテンツ特集記事トピックス活動報告
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Scientific Associations, Their Business Models, and Symmetry between Academic Publishing and Subscriber Access
Kenichi Ueda
The author argues that, in the world of scientific information, it is increasingly important that libraries and scientific associations understand each other’s viewpoint and cooperate.
Scholarly Journal Publishing in the 21st Century Japan
−A report for all those who love academic journals in Japan (4)
The Platforms and Electronic Submissions Systems Available in Japan
Yuko Nagai
As scholarly communication changes, journal publishing is changing with it. Submissions systems and platforms have become essential to electronic journal publishing; this report describes those available in Japan.

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Japan’s Scholarly Journals
Part 9. Monumenta Nipponica, Sophia University
Junko Shinohara
In this series, academic societies discuss their journals’ present status and future prospects, among other topics.
Researcher IDs as Seen from the Viewpoint of Academic Societies ORCID’s Impact on Academic Societies and the Possibility of Collaboration Kazuhiro Hayashi
Japan’s Scholarly Journals Part 8. Chemical Society of Japan
From the viewpoint of academic societies and academic society publishing, the author discusses the current state and future prospects of major collaborative initiatives for the management of author IDs (researcher IDs) that are occurring on a global scale.

Activity Reports
SPARC Japan Seminar / Event Calendar

Preview of the 1st SPARC Japan Seminar 2011 and the calendar of upcoming SPARC Japan events.