Online ISSN:1349-8606
Progress in Informatics  
No.8 March 2011  
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High performance quantum computing
Simon J. DEVITT1, William J. MUNRO2 and Kae NEMOTO3
1,3National Institute for Informatics
2NTT Basic Research Laboratories
(Received: November 1,2010)
(Revised: )
(Accepted: January 4,2011)
The architecture scalability afforded by recent proposals of a large-scale photonic-based quantum computer allows us to move on to a discussion of massively scaled Quantum Information Processing (QIP). In this paper, we consider the quantum analogue of High Performance Computing (HPC), where a dedicated server farm is utilized by many users to run algorithms and share quantum data. We introduce both a trusted mainframe model as a quantum extension of classical HPC and a model where quantum security is achieved during computation. The scaling structure of the optical architecture leads to an attractive future for server based QIP, where dedicated mainframes can be constructed and/or expanded to serve an increasingly hungry user base with the ideal resource for individual quantum information processing.
Quantum computing, topological clusters, High Performance Computing, secure computing
PDF(6,597KB) | References

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