Online ISSN:1349-8606
Progress in Informatics  
No.8 March 2011  
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Enhancing photon collection from quantum emitters in diamond
Michael TRUPKE1, William J. MUNRO2, Kae NEMOTO3 and Jörg SCHMIEDMAYER4
1,4Vienna Center for Quantum Science and Technology
2NTT Basic Research Laboratories
3National Institute of Informatics
(Received: December 31,2010)
(Revised: )
(Accepted: January 6,2011)
Diamond has recently become one of the leading candidates for applications in quantum communication and quantum computing. Diamond color centers are ideal as single photon sources. In this article we give an overview of the various techniques that can be used to improve the collection of photons from these emitters. These range from solid immersion lenses to Purcell-enhancement in microstructures and microcavities.
Quantum Emitters, Quantum Communication, Diamond color centers
PDF(1,654KB) | References

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