Online ISSN:1349-8606
Progress in Informatics  
No.6 March 2009  
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Academic linkage: A linkage platform for large volumes of academic information
Akiko AIZAWA1, Atsuhiro TAKASU2, Daiji FUKAGAWA3, Masao TAKAKU4, and Jun ADACHI5
1,2,3,5National Institute of Informatics
4National Institute for Materials Science
(Received: September 24, 2008)
(Revised: December 1, 2008)
(Accepted: December 8, 2008)
We propose a two-layered architecture for information identification that is specifically targeted towards academic information. We first introduce the basic notion of information identification, or linkage, that connects fragmented information referring to the same objects or people in the world. We then propose a linkage system that is composed of bibliography and researcher identification layers. As an illustrative example, the results of a coauthor relationship analysis are also shown.
Academic linkage, identification of database records, research community mining, name disambiguation
PDF(1,188KB) | References

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